Main Dock Bear Lake Whistling Trout Society Camp, Canoe & Brew

Whistling Trout Society
Spring 2013

May 4th

Pics - Sorry. Don't know what the deal is with the leaning pics... working on it.

Attending: JimP, Vaughn, John, Scott, Bentley, JimW, MikeG, MattB.

As of this E-mail I've heard from Vaughn, coming up Wed., John, up on Thurs., Scott, up on Fri.,  Haven't had any one else commit to coming up to the Kaleva, Hilton.  Maybe by this time next week I will know about how will be coming or not.  If we have only one or two on Wed. we can wait until Thurs. or Fri., if that would work for every one?  Jim P.

Whistling Trout Society Members.  Spring is here and it's time to go fishing for those elusive steelhead trout.  I would like to know if anyone is going this year.  The 1st is on May; Wed., I will go up on Wed. if we have some one to stay with me.  Would like 4 of you so we can play Euchre.  I plan on staying until Sunday.  Let me know if you are plan on coming up or not.  The week before I will send out a E-mail on how is coming and what date and time.  Hope to hear from ALL of YOU.  Jim Perrine

Six week before the Whistling Trout Society trip to the Kaleva Hilton.  The dates are May 1st Wed. to May 5th Sun.  If you have a problem with these days let me know?  Hope this find all of you healthy and wise?  Jim Perrine





Charter Members
Jim Perrine
Dave Borchelt
Larry Clark
Steve Walgren
Neil Lovering

Mike Goodrich
Jim Willman
John Meyers
Vaughn McDaniel II
Scott Borchelt
Matt Brown
Jim Pernell
Matt Perrine
Steve Rose
Jim Williams
Frank Banco

Garland Hutto
Rob Bonam
Hersh Borchelt
Doug Franz
Rod Jenkins
Carl Kalberg
Tom Kline
Al Mull
Ken Notter
Ike Notter
Greg Rand
Ted Rhing
George Tallman
Dave Voelker
Todd Swenson
Matt Kline