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Saturday 9, September 2011

It's time in three weeks.  Sorry I haven't sent letter sooner.  Last week I went to the cabin to pick up my deer blind.  Then I went to the Bear Creek at Kerry Rd..  I tried to get a address from the farm on the South side and came up with only house number, 13122, Kerry Rd., Brethren. Scott was going to try and get a person to talk to through Todd?  Then I went to the farmhouse on the north side and talk to the lady about fishing on her property. She said we will be able to go back on here property that weekend if we want. I didn't ask her what she will charge us. Last time I went back there she charge $.2.00. Then I put my waders on and went back to the wall and tossed panther martins for about a hour. Didn't catch anything. The river is the lowest I've ever seen it. Didn't see any fish. It was sunny and a very nice breezy.                                                                         
Now, I plan on going up Wed. morning, as of this writing.  It may change due what the rest of you are planning.  I will keep you informed if any change.  If you will send me a E-mail on when you plan on coming in or not.  Looking forward on see all of you.    

I've talk to Jim W. will be up Sat afternoon.  Matt B. is planning coming up, not sure when.  The rest of you I haven't heard from.   Hope all you are having a great summer.  Barb and I took Matt's family to a cottage on 8 Point Lake for a week.  I now have a fishing partner. Ashlynn caught 35 blue gills, Vaughn.  Had a great time with our grand children and family.   See you. 

Jim Perrine   


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