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Whistling Trout Society
Fall 2005

Sept 29, 30, October 1, 2

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Attending: JimP, DaveB, ScottB, JimW, LarryC

Whistling Trout Society Members and Friends, this year has been really buzy for Barb and I.  We went with Jim and Marge Willman to Hawaii for our 40th anniversaries.  Had great time!  Two weeks later I went to Canada for a week of fishing for small and largemouth base, northern pike, and walleye.  We caught a lot of fish. Also Barb and I have been helping Jessica and Matt get plans completed for their Oct. 29th wedding.  Lots of work.
    Now for the fall trip.  I will be going up to the Keleva Hilton on Sept. 29th, 30th, 1st, 2nd due to the wedding.  This will give me a week more to help with all the arrangements.  I well be coming up Thursday afternoon.  For you people that get up there before me, the keys are in the, right upper corner of the outhouse.  I hope most of you bring your fly rods,using 8-10 lb  taper leader.
     I'm looking forward to seeing you all. If for some reason you can't come give me a call at 734-455-6095 or E-mail me at Jiba65@aol.com

Your friend,                                                            Jim Perrine

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Charter Members
Jim Perrine
Dave Borchelt
Larry Clark
Steve Walgren
Neil Lovering

Mike Goodrich
Jim Willman
John Meyers
Vaughn McDaniel II
Scott Borchelt
Matt Brown
Jim Pernell
Matt Perrine
Steve Rose
Jim Williams
Frank Banco

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Rob Bonam
Hersh Borchelt
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