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Whistling Trout Society
Spring 2001

May 5-6

Jim Perrine, Dave Borchelt, Larry Clark, Steve Walgren, George Tallman, Scott Borchelt, Mike Goodrich

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trail sign at Brethern Sportsman's club

Seven fisherman met in Kaleva for a great spring weekend. George, Dad and I arrived late on Friday and headed straight to the Kaleva Tavern to see who was left watching the hockey play-off games. We found Larry and Mike with half finished finished pitcher of beer at a table by the big screen. We all wondered, where was Jim? After catching up on stories and finishing another pitcher, we headed back the the Hilton for a few hands of Euchre. There, we solved the mystery of the missing Perrine. Jim was nestled comfortably in George's bed with visions of brookies dancing through his head. We busted in the cabin like a whirlwind and stayed up for a few hands of cards.

I woke up at 5:30 AM to scout for a few turkey. I walked down the two-track with a few calls hoping to get a reply from a roosted gobbler. I was hoping to come back the following weekend for my first turkey hunt. I heard nothing from the mid spring forests. The newness of the year was beautiful green and smelling fresh.

We all headed to Lenz's for breakfast before heading out to the river. We decided to focus our hunt for the mysterious whistling trout at the sportsman's club. Larry, Grandpa George and I targeted the trout around the main stretch of the club grounds while the rest humped over Ridge Trail to Sucker Haven. We kept in touch with our talk abouts and spent the morning catching small browns and a few suckers. Sucker Haven produced hugely for the fisherman drowning worms over their Y-Stick.... Hey Mike, how many W-trout did you pull out of that hole?

After fishing, we headed back to camp and helped move the very full outhouse back to a new hold that Jim and Mike had dug earlier in the week. Both had arrived in Kaleva on Thursday and had prepared a new pit about 4 feet deep for the outhouse. After great debate, pointing, stomping around and leaning on the outhouse to measure the weight of the old craper, we eventually got it strapped to the back of Jim's truck and hauled it back to the new hole. The greatest debate involved which way to point the door. What do you think is the best direction? You will have to wait and check out the view for your self next time you visit Kaleva... hopefully for the Fall spectacular!

After finishing the move and filling in the old - very full old hole, my father and I pulled out the shotguns and clay pigeons. We spent the rest of the afternoon shooting clay in the field behind the cabin. What a blast! After cleaning up all the spent shells, we spent 45 minutes hiking through the field looking for and finding a small bags worth of Morels and Beef Steak mushrooms.

We had missed lunch and eagerly headed to Lenz's for a great dinner -- then to Kaleva Tavern for a few rounds of shuffle board and pool. We headed back home for a few rounds of Euchre and then everyone went to bed. I could not believe it. The cabin was quiet before midnight. What happened to all those guys in the picture hanging on the cabin wall??? When I got back to Flint, my mother told me that she, Grandma Dot and Grams sister, Floss, had gone to bed before 1 AM.... late Saturday night. I was shamed.

I had another great time in Kaleva with the men of Whistling Trout. Thanks for being a great host, Jim.

---Scott Borchelt (5/16/2001)


Whistling Trout Society & Friends,

This year was not as great a year like the other years. I lost my brother-law Ike Notter at the age 52. Ike had non-Hodgins lymphoma in his brain stem. He really enjoyed the fall trip with all of you. I will really miss him a lot. I want to thank you for the flowers from the Whistling Trout Society.

The spring trip, May 4th, 5th, 6th, will get everyone ready for the rest of the summer. Steelhead are running in the Bear. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you this spring. I'll be up on Thursday by 12:00 PM. I'm going to fish this year with a fly rod. I used to use a fly rod when I was a kid fishing with my Dad. Have gone to Cabela's in Dundee and found a great rod along with new hooks & lures.

Barb and I went up to the cabin this winter and spent three days, cross country skiing & walking in the woods. We had 18" of snow on the ground. I could not get my truck up to the house. I had to dig out the entrance to the gate that had 5' of snow piled from the snow plows.

I hope that all of you can come up. Give me a call or send me an E-mail. My phone #1-734-455-6095 or E-mail jdp55@gateway.net.

Your fishing friend,
Jim Perrine

P.S. I'm sure you have your list for spring fishing? If not, give me a call.


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