Spring 1998

Spring 1998
May 2-3

Mike Goodrich  Jim Perrine   Steve Walgren  Scott Borchelt

Mike and Jim arrived early Friday to catch some early fishing before everyone else arrived.  They drove from creek to creek casting crawlers and spinners in dark holes looking for trout and steelhead.  Scott arrived later in the evening, found no one in the Kaleva Hilton and spent the evening at the tubes fishing for Trout.  Evenutally, everyone arrived at the Kaleva Bar for dinner and beers.  We watched the Wings play hockey and Jim fall asleep in his chair.  Back at the cabin that night we wondered when all the others would arrive.  Jim was under the impression that a few others would be coming.  We were surprised when only Steve Walgren came for the weekend.  

Fishing was pretty good.  We caught more trout this weekend than we had in a long time.  Jim was pleased with the cooler full of browns, rainbows and brookies he took home to his wife.  Scott was psyched with the trout he caught.... (enough with the third person).  The 17.5" Brown trout was the largest trout I ever caught.  I was so excited.  People said it was the largest trout they had seen in the WTS for a long time.  I also caught a 13.5" brown trout off the same hole down from High Banks.  It was the first time I had seen the High Banks.  I can't wait for salmon fishing this fall off the High Banks. 

When we first arrived at the High Banks, Mike, Steve and I went hunting Morels in the woods without much luck.  We serched the ground carefully, listening to the wise words of Steve about how to spot the elusive Morel. Eventually, we joined Jim in the cold waters of Bear Creek for good fishing.   As I found out later, this was the very spot Jim caught his first Steelhead.   He did'nt even know what it was when he caught it!  But it ignited the flame that lead us to Bear Creek for 20 years.  According to my father, Dave Borchelt, this is the official weekend of the 20th anniversary of the Spring trip to Bear Creek.  I had shirts made celebrating the anniversary.   If you are interested, contact Jim.  He has all the extras t-shirts.

Jim's Letter The WTS Letter Announcing Spring 1998. --Be patient... slow file.
The Tubes The famous picture of the Tubes... our starting point.
Jim fishing the Tubes Jim stading on shore.  It seems he did a award wining "face-plant" while trying to retreive a trout that had slipped into the roots by the shore line the day before.  MikeG couldn't wait to tell us the details.
Fruits of Jim's Effort A nice Brown was Jim's reward for his effort at the Tubes.
Nice Brown, Jim! Jim posing with a nice brown!
Steve Walgren Steve arrived Saturday morning.  It was great to see a second Charter Member of the Whistling Trout Society present for the 20th anniversary!
Mike Goodrich If anyone has earned a spot with the Charter Members MikeG has.  Here he sits patiently on the shoreline of Bear Creek just waiting for a bite.  Mike, whats that rig holding your rod up?
Scott w/trout These are the largest Brown I have ever caught.   The largest is 17.5 inches and the smallest 13.5 inches..  I caught these late Satuday evening up from High Banks in a gently misting sky that almost chased JimP from the river.
A closer look Nice Bear Creek Trout!
The WTS Group Picture Here is everyone stading infront of the Kaleva Hilton.
Some of the other Turkeys that hang out in Kaleva. Caught on film North of Brethren on the West side of the road.