Fall 1998

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Fall 1998
October 1-4

Mike Goodrich   Jim Perrine    Scott Borchelt   Dave Borchelt   Larry Clark    Steve Walgren   Vaughn McDaniel II.

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James Perrine
7335 Chichester
Canton, MI   48187

To All Whistling Trout Society Members and Friends,

    I'm just sending you a reminder that Oct. 1st to 4th, 1998 is the time for us to get together to catch some of the finest big fish you have ever caught in your life.

    I'll be at the cabin on Thursday morning so anyone who wants to change or put their gear away can.  I'll leave the keys in the crack of the tree.

    This is my twentieth year fishing for salmon with most of you.  I can not believe I have known most of you for this long.  I really hope that each and every one of you continue to travel to the Kaleva Hilton for another twenty years.  I've personally had some of the greatest moments with all of you in Bear Creek.  To all of you, thanks for the great times.

    Please give me a call before Thursday, Oct. 1st if for some reason you can't make it.  My phone is 1-734-455-6095.  Leave me a message on my answer machine.

                                                                    Your Friend Forever
Jim Perrine     (Papa Bear)

P.S. Here's your gear list.   Sorry I'm so late getting this to all of you.


2 Rods Medium Weight
2 Reels 8lb to 14lb
Large Net
Waders with suspenders & belt
Rope Stringer 6' long
Fishing license & trout stamp or 1 day license
Pair of gloves
Rain Gear
2 Complete changes of clothes
Jacket or vest
Trout Society Shirts (New this year for $5.00)
2 pairs of shoes
Sleeping bag and pillow
Camera & Film
Wash cloth & towel
Little Cleo, #5 Mepps spinners or flies


The story...

My father and I headed North after I left work on Friday afternoon. I met him at the grandparents place in flint and then we left together for Kaleva.  Grandma had made her famous turkey sandwiches so we saved precious minutes by not having to stop and hassle with fast food.  Traffic was not too bad because we left fairly early, around quarter to five.  The drive North was very nice.   Beautiful blue sky, clear and cool.  The leaves on the trees began to show their color.  Yellows and reds, oranges and browns burned into the landscape all the way North.

By the time we made it to Cadillac, we were both wondering if we could make it in time to the river for a few minutes of fishing.  We figured we had about an hour+ of sunlight and a good hour of travel left.  Unfortunately, the sun beat us to the horizon before we made it across High Bridge.  Still, I hoped we would meet the others making their way out of the river back to the waiting cars.   but its always darker in the softness of the riverbottom so by the time we made it to Winston's, we decided to check in back in case everyone had come out early with their catch.  One car was there with their catch and it was a good sight.  Though not one of our group, it was the first fish cleaning station we saw with actual fish to be cleaned.  All the Tippy Dam stations in Wellston were dark and quiet.  My father and I looked at each other thinking the same thoughts. We turned West out of town down the road to our starting point hoping to catch them coming out of the river.  To the North and South we watched for signs of the deer and wild turkey that live thick in the area.  Bow season opened this weekend.  Coming down the hill to the Foote Dam we were surprised that none of our cars were there.  A white Ford truck sat on the North side with Minnesota plates.  Again dad and I thought the same thoughts.   Saturday would be crowded on the river.   Next we eyed Lenz's Country Kitchen in case they were already eating dinner.  No one.  Next we checked The Kaleva bar.  We had no idea who was coming because JimP would never return our phone calls.  So instead of attempting to interpret the cars in the parking lot, we decided to go in and take a look around.  No one.  Finally we made it to the Kaleva Hilton with warm lights shining through the window and JimPs hearty laugh hanging in the night around the cabin like the lingering smoke from the wood stove.

Inside the old cabin we learned Vaughn3 was out hunting from the blind out back.  I doubted he would have much luck since Jim kept shouting across the back field to ask if he had seen any deer.  When Vaughn3 returned empty handed, we all got ready for the night on the town.... or at least the Kaleva Bar.  Vaughn3 put us all to shame in his leather vest and white shirt, cowboy boots and bluejeans.   Hell, I was in shorts, hiking boots and a fleece.  At the bar Jim tried his best to order a pitcher of Michelob.  The waitstaff told us no Michelob but they had something like amberbach.  So we ordered a few pitchers of amberbach.. Jim asked again for a Michelob pitcher and the waitstaff told him no again.  After everyone ordered dinner JimP asked again for a Michelob.  By this time ALL of us were trying to explain to Jim they had NO Michelob.  This became our first theme of the trip.   The rest of the night we spent drinking pitchers of amberbach, playing shuffleboard and trying to get the DJ to turn her tunes down.  Morning came quickly.

to be continued....