WTS Spring Fall 97 - Week1

Fall 1997

Jim Perrine  Steve Walgren  Jim Wilman  Ken notter  Ike notter  Scott Borchelt

 Including the 2 fish JimP caught before everyone arrived, 17 Salmon were landed in total.  The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.  One of the the greatest moments of the weekend happened when JimW, JimP and ScottB all had a salmon on at the same time near the Wall.  Just imagine the chaos! The success of this weekend will cause us to come a little earlier next year.  Although the fall was unusually cool, causing the fish to come up river earlier.  I think JimP will want Fall 1998 to happen during the first weekend of October to catch the early run up the Little Bear.

IkeN hungry after a hard day of fishing.JimW posing for the Bear Creek fashion mag. ScottB with his catch of the day.
JimW with a fine Salmon!