WTS Spring Fall 97 - Week2

Fall 1997 - Week2
October 11-12

Mike Goodrich  John Meyers   Dave Borchelt  Larry Clark  Scott Borchelt  Garland Hutto

 I can't remember how many fish were caught this time but it was a great year.  Jim Perrine had come up the weekend before and could not come this weekend.  It seems he told most everyone that the Official Whisting Tout Society (WTS) was on 10/12.  However, he ended up switching the dates without much notice.  Therefore, a WTS members came up on both weekends for good fishing and good fun.  Only Scott Borchelt was able to attend both weekends to record the events.   In addition, Bear Lakes most recent rookie, Garland Hutto, decided he had so much fun in Canada that he had to extend the summer and join us in Kaleva for salmon fishing.   This is quite a feat considering he came all the way from Southern Alabama!   But perhpas the most important event of this weekend happened when Charter Member Larry Clark landed his FIRST salmon.  Thats 19 years of fishing for the elusive salmon.  I guess that's why we call it FISHING and not CATCHING.  Good Job Larry!  If anyone has a picture of the this most important salmon, please send me a copy so I can add it to this page.  Enjoy the pictures and please submit your stories of this weekend for me to add.

GarlandH, DaveB & LarryC Three great hunters poised in the woods, relaxing from the hike through fields high above Bear Creek.
DaveB & ScottB Dave & ScottB standing next to their catch at Winstons.
DaveB & GarlandH Dave & Garland enjoying a beer that Scott carried miles through the stream near the old rotten cabin.
GarlandH Garland holding a nice salmon caught below the rotten cabin.
Group Shot in field Early in the morning on Saturday.  I took this picture just past the big Maple that roosts wild turkeys.
Group Shot infront of Kaleva Hilton Sunday Morning on the way out of town.   Posed for the group shot.
JimP & JohnM Great shot of Jim and John holding fish they caught Saturday morning.
JimP Jim posing for a Bear Creek Fashion shot.
JimP Jim holding pale samon for a picture.
DaveB & ScottB Dave & Scott holding a sample of the days catch.
DaveB & ScottB Dave & Scott Strugling with a sample of the days catch.