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This page is dedicated to all of the good men who meet for great times in Kaleva.  This is a brief record of the stories, images and events that bring us back each year."Kesa-Koti"

The Whistling Trout Society meets semi-annually in Kaleva, Michigan, in pursuit of browns, rainbows, steelhead, brookies, and the elusive whistling trout.

WTS activities include shuffleboard and elbow bending in the Kaleva bar, homemade meals and pies at Lenz's Country Kitchen, famous nighttime "Brookie" stories, and a guided trip to the infamous "sucker haven" of **.

Membership entitles one to enjoy the comradery and friendship of fellow fisherman in the beautiful surroundings of northern Michigan.Founded in 1979

Jim Perrine - Gracious Host of the Kaleva Hilton

The Charter Members

2015 Spring - Fall
2014 Spring - Fall
2013 Spring - Fall
2012 Spring - Fall
2011 Spring - Fall
2010 Spring - Fall
2009 Spring - Fall
2008 Spring - Fall
2007 Spring - Fall
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Platt Map
Kaleva Hilton 
Bear Creek (65K)

Charter Members
Jim Perrine
Dave Borchelt
Larry Clark
Steve Walgren
Neil Lovering

Mike Goodrich
Jim Willman
John Meyers
Vaughn McDaniel II
Scott Borchelt
Matt Brown
Jim Pernell
Matt Perrine
Steve Rose
Jim Williams
Frank Banco

Garland Hutto
Rob Bonam
Hersh Borchelt
Doug Franz
Rod Jenkins
Carl Kalberg
Tom Kline
Al Mull
Ken Notter
Ike Notter
Greg Rand
Ted Rhing
George Tallman
Dave Voelker
Todd Swenson
Matt Kline