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Miles per River
River Miles
Manistee River 5042.09
Little Manistee 3357.00
Muskegon River 1947.00
Pine River 1809.81
Ausable River 1224.80
Paddle Antrim 1035.20
Mad River 1021.89
Pere Marquette 870.90
Jordan River 703.40
Two Hearted River 520.42
Clinton River 509.96
Sturgeon River 505.90
Shorts-2-Shorts 487.05
Huron River 430.42
Darby River 272.40
Pigeon River 239.79
Tahquamenon River 226.05
Boardman River 212.40
Rifle River 212.00
Shiawasee River 180.20
Thunder Bay River 178.40
Bear River 165.00
Betsie River 160.00
Great Bear Creek 159.76
Elkhorn Creek 150.00
Chippewa River 140.00
Schuylkill River 128.00
Little Miami 116.14
Middle Youghiogheny River 104.00
Red River 100.00
Stillwater River 90.00
Lake Superior Pictured Rocks Shoreline 72.00
Oak Orchard River 65.00
The Great Miami 64.00
Lower Youghiogheny River 63.00
Flint River 55.00
Alafia River 44.00
Darbyville River 42.00
Rogue River 41.50
Little Muskegon River 36.00
Platte River 35.80
Island Loop 30.00
Big South Branch of PM 27.20
Red Cedar River 24.80
White River 20.00
Flat River 14.00
Erie Canal 12.00
Saugeen River 12.00
Crystal River 4.84


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Camp, Canoe & Brew


23,455 Total River Miles (10/23/2018)

This website records our Camp Canoe & Brew (CCB) adventures. CCB started in the summer of 1997 when I decided to plan a canoe trip once a month, every month. The majority of us are from Michigan and Ohio. However, we have enjoyed guests from as far as Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, Georgia, and Indiana. The only requirements for joining us on a trip is an invitation, the desire to sit in a canoe all day, and a story to share around the campfire at night. Euchre skills are a plus.

We come for many reasons but we all share a love for the outdoors, camping, and the casual float down a Michigan river with good friends. This is our story.