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Trip Leaders:
Todd Swenson
Elyse Swenson
(248) 705-5775

Scott Borchelt 
Matt Kline
Kelly Kline
Lauren Houston
Rob Buring

Possibles - Rumors:
Laura Borchelt
Ed Warnick

Camp, Canoe & Hike-Thru

The Huron River

May 2002 - 05/17 through the 19th
Hell, Michigan

Scott's Pics      Todd's Pics


17-Friday PM
Make camp in Hell.
Meet at Delhi at 8:00 AM for the canoe shuttle.
After canoeing, head back to Hell.
Head home.

Ok Pattlin Crazies,

The May 18th Huron River Trip is approaching quickly. Here's the deal: We are going to "Hell"; Hell, Michigan that is.

Canoeing: We will meet at Michigan Paddle Sport at 8:00 a.m. not 8:40 a.m. but 8:00 a.m. or the livery bus leaves without us. The nice thing about this, we will canoe back to our cars and where we go from there is up to us.

Directions to Michigan paddle Sport, Ann Arbor, on Delhi Road are as follows:
Mich paddle Sport
3900 East Delhi
Ann Arbor Mich. 48103

(do not use mapquest-not accurate) From the North: US 23 south to 14 west to 94 to Zebb Road North (R) to Miller Road (R) to E. Delhi (L) to 3900 E. Delhi.
From the South: I-75 north to US-23 north to 94 west to Zebb Road North (R) to Miller Road (R) to E. Delhi (L) to 3900 E. Delhi. Canoes cost $35 per old town canoe. A hot lunch will be provided on the river by Crazy T and Freek E. mystery meals. What will it be?

We will camp at Pinckney Recreation Area. (See link for location and directions). Or directions are as Follows: US 23 north or south depending on your travels, to North Territorial road exit number 49 go west. This road will change from East to West North Territorial Road and go to Dexter- Townhall Road turn (R) to Silver Hill Road turn (L) to camp ground turn (L). This is a metro-park. Go past ranger lodge to the gates of the public park and turn (L) onto a dirt road and camping is at the end (about 1 mile). Camping Costs are $9 per campsite per night and $4 per car per day or $20.00 for an annual pass. There are many hiking and bike paths, so bring your mountain bikes if you have'em.

For more information, E-mail me at Madriverman@hotmail.com



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