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Camp, Canoe & Hike-Thru

2 Days on the Manistee

January 2001 - 1/25 through 1/27
Brethern, Michigan


Since everyone backed out of TUT, I decided to make good use of the weekend and the beautiful weather. I trucked up to the Manistee, picked up a canoe from Andy Marshall's place north of Reed City, made arrangements for Beckie Braska's father to help me with a ride on Saturday and put in the big river later than planned. The night at Perrine's place in Kaleva romanced me to stay awake far too long. Under a full night and surrounded by coyotes, I tied two dozen spawn bags and talked to Werff and Julie on my car phone. Julie's birthday was Satruday.

The river was incredible. I saw bald eagles, nice beavers, deer and was amazed at the silence winter brings to the forests. This was my first winter canoe trip and the silence was awesome. Normally, our days in the river are filled with birds and the relentless rustling of leaves on trees. This January Manistee river was silent. For many miles, I never paddled; I sat in my canoe, the paddle across my lap, staring at horizons, everything motionless.

I carried far too many memories from the river to note here in the five minutes I am giving it. All i gotta say is, too bad you weren't you there. Pictures coming.



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