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May Pine River

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May 1998 Pine River - camped at State Forest Campground in Wellston by Sand Lake
shore.jpg (52956 bytes)
One of the reasons for Camp Canoe & Brew is to enjoy the Michigan Wilderness.  This picture is just a thumbnail of what you can expect while canoeing Michigan rivers.
start.jpg (39482 bytes)
Saturday morning at our starting point.  Pictured is Giner, Vaughn3, and Eric.
resting.jpg (45932 bytes)
Resting for a moment along a sand bank.  This beautiful river is framed by sand dunes that seem to reach into the sky.  It's an all day adventure just to climb one.
braves.jpg (37600 bytes)
braves2.jpg (38669 bytes)
Eric & Vaughn trying to catch up.
lunch.jpg (42235 bytes)
Stopping for a lunch break along the river.  Check out Vaughn's  "The Incredible Hulk" lunch box.
smoke.jpg (25916 bytes)
Vaughn enjoying the fresh air :-)
trouble.jpg (41067 bytes)
The boys run into a little trouble.  The Pine is a tricky river... with large swells on the backside of every bank that can spin you right into the shoreline or point you in the wrong direction.  Sweepers everywhere.
storm.jpg (46989 bytes)
Late Saturday night after canoeing, a terrible thunderstorm rolled into Michigan from the West.  High winds dropped  trees all around us.  My large tent in back was blown completely flat.  We had to sleep in the car this night.
morning.jpg (47793 bytes)
Eric surveys the damage in the morning.  We were very lucky one of the many large trees blown over did not land on our tents.  My truck was dented by a limb and Vaughn's car missed being destroyed by a blowdown.




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