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What to bring

This page describes the important equipment to pack.  This page is descriptive, allowing both rookies and veterans a chance to double check their pack.  Too many times veterans have left vital equipment at home.  Please email any additions to this list.  Please pack efficiently because room is always tight.

  Required Do not forget these items
Rain Gear A long walk in the damp woods each morning will encourage you to wear rain gear.
Night Crawlers We supply a flat (500) crawlers per cabin. Bring a worm box to fill daily - Have a cooler you can fill for the week with ice to keep worms lively.
Lunches Dinner is supplied.  Please bring your own breakfasts and lunches.
Plastic containers Cans and bottles are not allowed on many lakes in the park. Pack accordingly.
Bug Repellent Mosquitoes and deer flies can be bad. No cans - bring pumps.
Wire Leaders If you are fishing for Northern Pike, wire leaders are highly suggested.
Warm Clothing Bear lake can get COLD. be prepared.
Boots/Heavy Shoes The trails between lakes are rugged.  Hell, the steps up to the cabins can kill you.
Suntan Lotion Siting in a boat all day long can cause a bad burn.  Protect yourself with sunscreen.
Flashlight Bring a small flashlight for maneuvering around the island after dark.
Bait box The best bait box is the flip-top style that opens from the top and bottom.
Day Pack You will need a pack that can carry all of these required items.
Stringer If everyone brings at least one stringer, then we may have enough to replace the stringers JimP throws in the lakes.
  Suggested Items you will seriously want to consider packing
Rubber bands Great for keeping the pieces of your fishing rod together while you portage to other lakes.
Gallon Zip bags If you want to take fish home with you, you will need zip lock bags for freezing.
Duct Tape Any member of the MacGyver club understands the value of duct tape.
Thin Rope and Potato Sack The easiest way to make an anchor is to throw rocks in a potato sack and tie the sack to your boat. The hardest way is to tie a rope around a large rock.  Both work but the potato sack will leave you more time for fishing.
Fillet Knife If you plan on eating during the week, you will need a fillet knife to clean the fish you catch.
Bottled Water You can take your chances drinking water from the lake.  I have done this for years with very little indigestion.  The trick is to know where and when to drink.
Hat Hats are great for keeping the wind and sun off your face.   The deer flies will bother you less with a hat.
Light work gloves Protect your hands - 0r your fingers will ache by the end of week.