Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[1985 Bear Lake Camp News] 

Dear Friends, Mad Dogs, Banditos, and Bandits,

    The older I get the more time flies - it seems I just sat here not long ago doing this same thing.  I am looking out of the window into a blizzard like snowstorm and thinking back to all the events of the past season.  let me tell you it is cold out there and that is precisely the reason I am staying in.  The cozy conditions of our living room (in the winter we have carpets, couch and easy chair in the dining room to make it more home like) have prompted me to fill my glass with Jack Daniels and get started with the Newsletter.  To get back to the weather it is -33 Fahrenheit with wind chill approximately -70.  When it is that cold not even the old Mad Dog nor Nanook of the North ventures outside for too long.

    All of January I have been up here by myself - That is with the dog.  Carol arrived somewhere around the beginning of February - she stayed in Windsor until here Mom left for Florida.  Naturally I wasn't going to hang around the city any longer than I had to - so I left for the North right after New Year's  I guess I couldn't bear the though of leaving all the work up here neglected.  You guys know what I mean.

    This year we traded our Florida Vacation for a new toy for Matthew.  We bought a portable VCR and Video Camera to go with it.  Maybe this summer I can go out fishing with some of you that desire to get a 30 minute video film of yourselves bringing in the Big One.

      Now lets get down to:                                            FISH FISH FISH


Once again the prize goes to Buddy Bosley of Cumberland, Md. - it weighed 15 1/2 lbs.  You did it again buddy, let's try and make it three times in a row - if the others let you!  Never mind George, we were impressed with your 10 pounder too.  Later in the year there was a 22 pounder caught by a Finlander - deep with wire line.   He was not staying at our camp so will not get the honors of Lake Trout King. Vern Ashely had a 10 pound plus mount and Eddy Maddock must have got some pretty good coaching from our New Jersey friend Al DiNatale, for a first timer he caught Lake Trout unreal.


This year definitely goes to one of our friends from Latrobe, PA.  The old coot with the help of the other two old coots got himself a nice 18 pounder out of Bear Lake.  Well done Andy Metarko - this year you are the greatest.  Anyone who wants to hear the story of how they landed it, ask me, not Andy.  The same day Randy Brown, a thirteen year old from Dayton, OH., brought in a nice 12 pounder.  Krisiti Kimmel from Somerset, PA., brought home a nice one from Round Otter - without any help from Rolly.  Just goes to show that women are no less fishermen than men.


7 pound, catch and release, for most of us hard to do but not for Fred Shandrich of Grand Rapids, MI, he got it on a Panther Martin Spinner all the way out in Burnt Cabin Lake.  Getting his out of condition body all the way out there was a feat all by itself as he is no youngster anymore.  Wants to go again this year (without getting carried by Clark and young Matt).  A close runner up is Stan Minnich from Geneva, Inc. with a beautiful 6 1/2 pounder - well done Stan! You sure showed Tom and the rest of the Custer gang how it is done.  Others to mention Steve Fritz, N.Y. an Jim Johnstone, Ontario.


This year's honors in that species goes to our favourite Postmaster from Wiindsor, Ont. - his smallmouth weighed close to 6 pounds and he also released it - Way to go George Jackson.  If I don't mention Pam Hattery of Fort Wayne, Ind., I might was well commit suicide - her smallmouth which she called "Walter" was a close runner up at 5 1/2 pounds - Nice Fish Pam!  There were several others in the 4 1/2 pound range - hats off to these guys too.


The prize goes to Bill Myers, Fort Wayne with a nice 8 1/2 pounder -  Well done Bill!

We are happy to say that this year, once again, we will be continuing the Walleye stocking program in Bear, Little Bear, Walker and Lang Lakes.  This time we will be rearing them to about 2 inches before putting them out.  The rearing pond at Lang Lake is finished - thanks to Hans and the ministry.



There were three bears killed at our camp and two more from others who have a cottage on Bear Lake.

The honors for the Biggest goes to young Jim Shay of Cumberland, MD. - he got himself a beautiful 350 pound Bear - Well done Jim!!!  Better luck next time Earl.  And then there is Ronnie Paugh from W. Va., he got himself not Yogi but a pretty nice Boo Boo. Actually he is mainly a fisherman - he goes out and in his first half hour bags his bear - said he wanted to show his Bear Hunting buddies how it is done.  Well he sure did - didn't he George.  The third was Greg McBroom of Derry, PA. - he got himself a nice little blackie for in front of the fireplace.

Well done gentlemen - the kill rate of bears this year was 50%.  Willy D'Aoust got a nice one this fall during the moose hunt.


Yours truly hunted together with the D'Aoust and Plante boys from the Big Bear Hunt Club.  Five of us got a Cow and a Bull - with the award for the best or luckiest hunter this year going to Claude.  Puts enough meant in everybody's freezer.  Later in the Deer Hunt 10 of us got 5 bucks.  Norm's sweetheart Marie showed him up a little by bagging a 10 pointer approximately 250 lbs. while he had to settle for a 4 pointer.  Willy D'Aoust got himself a 9 1/2 pointer - the ring just wouldn't hold on the knob.  My 10 pointer I am sorry to say was still running around the bush with a long shot.  We trailed him for many miles and about 8 hours in two days.  At night it had started to rain washing all the blood there was into the ground.  One conciliation - there are a lot of animals around that would welcome the kill when the find is fast and clean it up.  Thanks for the help boys.


Two of the Dayton Mad Dogs became honorary West Virginians this spring by drinking a whole water glass of moonshine-bottoms up.  Good thing they had help getting back to their cabin???  They were such a sorry sight that I won't mention any names - too bad I didn't have my video camera.

The old cliché still holds "When the cat's away the mice will play".  It seems that Carol, her friend Liz and our favorite Hillbilly Verna had the time of their lives while I was on an overnight at Burnt Cabin.  I haven't found out too much about it yet but am promised some photos this summer.

We had our first annual Fishing Tournament at Burnt Cabin this year and I was a part of it.  Rules - No fish under 15 inches - total weight wins.  The Spencer boys and two other shady characters were given the trophy after some controversy.  Their total weight in 7 fish over 15 inches was 21 1/2 pounds.  Well done fellows but .... there will be a next time.  By the way since I am Top Honcho here I make the rules and here they are in Black and White (It's O.K. with Carol).  Foursomes only - overnight from noon to noon or day trips from morning to evening.  No fish under 15 inches will be brought back to the camp - total weight within the daily limits counts.  Anyone brining a fish under 15 inches home will be disqualified and no evidence such as a head from a 4 1/2 pounder eaten by turtles counts.

Still speaking of Burnt Cabin - Joe Demerly thought he had climbed Mount Everest with a canoe on his back - but he got there didn't he Howard.  Bill Stark and his son Brett made it to Stoney in one hour - not bad for an old guy.  for Bill some trips are fast and others????  He left Saturday morning with his own boat - 2 1/2 hours later when he still hadn't arrived at the landing - the search party went out.  Seems he lost his way and was headed in the wrong direction.

We have others who would make fantastic Northern Guides - Ken and Sue Reed got to Cat lake finally on the third try but then realized they had forgotten their tackle box - well back to camp again.  Finally got back to Cat and the biggest rainstorm of the season hits them.  so much for a nice day's outing.

And then we have our canoers - The Taylor kids finally talk their dad into taking a canoe trip - have a nice trip all planned - come to pick up the canoe at the motorshed and before they get to No.3 dock have already overturned it.  They said it was done on purpose - not too many believed you Butch and Chris.  Wonder how many times that happened on the canoe trip???

There is probably some kind of revenge coming for our good old Hamiliton boys (the wrath of Mad Dog).  Actually only his pride was hurt when he got whacked on the bottom with a wooden board.  It's O.K. boys - you only tricked the Mad Dog once.

It is always a pleasure to write about our Fort Wayne Girls Group and this year is no exception.  Once again they outdid themselves with their annual party.  The theme this year was the 50's.  All the guests with greasy hair, cigarette packs rolled in their T-Shirt sleeves, white bobby socks, girls with pony tails, great 50's music, buffet and wiener roast made for a real fun evening.  Star of the party was Winnie and Hans did bring her wienies.

Also happy to see the original Mad Dogs from Dayton reunited for the first time ini about 6 years - the only missing member was "Peter Lips" Metzger - he says he will be able to make it this year - will he get another taste of honey???

There will be slight changes in our rates this year and a new package plan for Boat, Motor and Gas introduced.  The package plan for the main lake will be $170 per week for Boat, Motor and 5 gallons of Gas.  2 HP motors for the outer lakes will have portage gas included at $8.50 per day or $50 per week.  Outer lake boats will also be cheaper - this combination will reduce the cost of Back Lake fishing.  Prices for cabins, American Plan and Semi-American Plan will increase about 7%.

The exchange rate this year will once again be over 30% - I feel like Santa Claus since the Canadian dollar keeps falling and I don't keep up with inflation.  Alos proud to say taht aftera a survey Carol took last year of over 30 camps similar to ours that our prices are among the lower half - right across the board.

Willy and Judy, after a two month trip out West and South, are now back in Switzerland doing their thing and thinking often of the undreds of beautiful hours and guests at Bear Lake.  Willy is working for Swiss Air and Judy in a big ski resort making flower arrangements.

Want to thank everyone again for being such great guest and helping to make Bear Lake the success that it is-and a plasure to run.

Take it easy - sure hope to see you again this year - looking forward to it.

Tight Lines and Happy Landings,

Mad Dog Matt & Carol