Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[1984 Bear Lake Camp News] 


                Better late than never!  Well at least that's what I always say.  Finally I made it back to camp, about a month and a half late.  We had planned on being back about the 5th of January but we made so darn much money last season that we decided with just part of it we would take a world trip and still have lots left over to put in the bank.  I guess I had better start my Newsletter with a lot of "Bull" otherwise you guys would be disappointed.  That's all it is.  A lot of bull - I didn't get the trophy for nothing you know.

   Now to get serious.  I had some sad news the first of the year - my father had a stroke - I decided to fly to Switzerland to see him.  Sorry to say as I write this letter nothing has changed for the better.  -  he is still paralyzed on one side and can't talk.  Although he is 80 years old, many of you know hat he was in better shape than I, last summer when he built all those barbecues - one at each cabin, by himself.  he also had a season pass on the ski lift this winter and had been skiing the day before his stroke.

   After I arrived back we got held up in Espanola for a week just waiting for the weather to get cold enough to freeze all the slush on the lakes.

   Since I am a very conservative guy I had decided to combine our annual Christmas cards with the newsletter (stamps are 37 cents each).  Conservative?  Ha! - maybe cheapskate!  Anyhow we both hope you had the nicest Christmas ever, last year and a very healthy and happy New Year to all of you.

   And to all that we had promised to see on our way to Florida last fall - sorry to say we "no could do".  Buying a new Chrysler Mini Van took care of our Florida vacation plans.  I needed the Van more than some old vacation - heck, I have a vacation here all year round - right???

FISH STORIES---------------------------------------------------------------------

Let's start things off right.  The biggest fish every caught at Bear Lake was caught by Mike Kessler of Latrobe, PA.  - He managed to catch his 200 lb. beauty by the earlobe. His brother Danny, being a Marine Lieutenant didn't flinch when he got all three trebles of a Rapala stuck in his ear.  Dr. Matt did a heck of a job, freezing the ear and removing those nasty hooks without Danny even noticing.  by the way just two days later I removed a hook from Danny's thumb.  Well  guess the Marines can take that and a whole lot more.

   Gary Cavalery of Guelph, Ontario gets a real special recommendation for throwing his 12 lb. plus Walleye back into the lake as it was not yet in season.  He did get pictures though and made "Super Pop" real proud of him.  Runners upin the Walleye were Tom Purkisers Bunch - 8 lber plus 6 lber in one afternoon!

A few corrections on last years newsletter:  Verna Bosley's Pike last season was not 12 1/2 lbs but 16 1/2. (a small printing error) I guess I should mention the 41 lb Smallmouth should have read 4 lbs.  Sorry Wayne - we have good ones but that was too much.


The biggest of the season goes to Buddy Bosley of Cumberland, Md. - 15 1/2 lbs. - a lunker for these waters.  The day before he got the no. 2 Laketrout - 13 1/2 lbs.  The group he was with including Verna, George and "P.S." raked in 54 Lakers that week.  They were able to supply some of the less fortunates with plenty to eat and their limits to take home.  They and others also enjoyed the smoked Lake Trout.  Smoking skills supplied by yours truly.  Runners up in Laketrout were Charlie Anderson and Karen Chaney, both of West Virginia and a host of others around the 10 lb. mark.


The honors for the biggest Northern last season goes to one of our guests from abroad.  Needless to say he was thrilled with his 18 lb -43 in. lunker!!  Runners up were Bob Johnson of Milford, OH. and John O'Day of the U.S. Nations Capitol.


   Number 1 was Susanna Schwarz - our own Susie - with some expert guiding from the Bourgeois, Dave Rainford and the Voyageur's. She brought home a 5 1/2 lber from Gem Lake.  It was hard to say who was more excited, Susie or Dave!  We had quite a few nice Smallmouth last year in the 4 1/2 to 5 lb range.  Good show - Brian Campbell, Ronny Paugh, Ron White and Gary Crawford among others.


The largest Largemouth was caught by Willy Falkner of Indiana - a whopping 6 3/4 lbs.  runners up in this species were Lawrence Dallaire of Espanola, Jim Abello, Ohio, Floyd Gattens, West Va., and Dave Reichwage, Indiana.  Also deserving of special mention is our "Novice of the Year"  Gil Heinrich of Evanston, Ill.  Not only a newcomer to Bear Lake but a novice fisherman.  He got himself a 9 1/2 lb. Northern out of Van Winkle and the next day caught an 8 lb. laker trolling home from Cranberry in the summer and on the surface.  How about that!! 

Me???  Well I guess I caught some pretty nice Panfish!!!


"Old Roman" our hunter from Switzerland finally got himself a prize Black Bear.  This 7 foot beauty weighed over 450 lbs.  I saw it mounted in Switzerland.  he had to hang it sideways on the wall as it was too tall to hang it upright.

Special mention also for Karl Teitt and his guide Mark D'Angelo of Pa.  for their 200 lb. plus bear.  God job done fellows!! We had five other hunters who had a chance, but luck wouldn't have it their way.  Well there is always next time you guys.


This year we are proud to say we had the oldest and youngest guests to Bear Lake Camp.  Clarence Baker of Angola, Ind., 88 years and Kara Everett of Mt. Clemens, Mi., 5 weeks.

Our Bear Lake Bandito's deserve to make the Newsletter again.  They ought to be proud to receive the Cleanest Cabin of the year award.  They even cleaned the stove and fridge with SOS pads.  Carol and the girls couldn't find any work to do.  Keep it up boys.

And then we had the first group in history that ought to get a Personal Hygiene Award.  They even took showers on Saturday - arrival day???

Our Annual Swimming Contest was won by our own Susie.  Runners up were Chrissie Taylor an Mindy Poling.  Special thanks to Jim and Bob Abella and Dale Fisher for officiating and presenting awards.  Also for their annual Awards banquet which is one of the highlights of our season.


Big George and Mike of the Windsor Posties went fishing.  It is a spooky, foggy morning - they catch a submerged log, go to retrieve, the log moves, a dark bloated hand comes up out of the water.  They take off at full speed.  After about 500 yards decided they had better go back and retrieve the body - an inflated old rubber glove hanging off the log.  So much for the body snatchers of of Bear Lake!  By the way, the Posties have retained their title of Beer Drinking Champs but they swear the above happened before they had a drink???

The girls from Fort Wayne had once again the Best Party of the year.  This time it was a Toga Party - with Togas, wreaths etc. all supplied.  The party was a great success and finished off with a ride and sing song on the Queen.

And lets not forget the Powell group from Lexington who presented me with a Genuine Bull Shit Trophy - a real piece of Bullshit that is dried and varnished.  They said there was nobody they knew in the North that was more deserving of it.  A few years ago I gave Jim Powell hell for taking home some Bear Lake rocks - this year he brings me up a box of pebbles -  after asking what the pebbles are about, he informs me that in Kentucky everything grows and multiplies - even Bear Lake rocks - that sounds like a lot of bull to me.

Last but not least, congratulations are in order to our own Anita (Carol's right hand) and Eric Pfalzer who were married in November.  They are now living in New York but will soon be returning to Maine where Eric will be continuing University.  I'm sure all their Bear Lake friends join us in wishing them a very happy future.

We would like each and every one of our guest to know how much we appreciate you not only being our guest but being such good friends.  It makes running Bear Lake a real pleasure and possible for us to look forward to another great season.  From now to next fall we will be right here at the camp and can be reached by our regular number:

AREA CODE 705-368-3124

[Tight Lines and Happy Landings]

P.S.  We have decided to do our part to help inflation this year and will not be increasing our prices this year, even though the cost of living is going up on Canada.  Gasoline will be slightly more though and the "ever popular" government has increased the cost of licenses:

4 day will now be $10.00
21 day    $20.00
Season    $30.00
Plus a $5.00 Trout Stamp

Sorry fellows.  We all tried to fight it.  One consolation the U.S. Dollar is still running between $1.20 - $1.24 Canadian.