Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[Bear Lake Camp News 1983] 

Greeting Friends:

                Gosh - Time really flies!  It is already the middle of February and I haven't got my newsletter out yet!  We just got back from our vacation in dear old Switzerland.  My parents are well and the 50th Anniversary Party was a big success.  We saw lots of old friends and relatives -- Some I hadn't seen in over 20 years.  Also all the old Bear Lake Kids - Marko, Rainer, Priska, Sandy, Albert, Gerd - a real reunion - All of them send greetings tot he friends they made here.  New Year's Eve was also a lot of fun.  We stayed at a friends place in Austria - His chalet has a swimming pool and a bar in the basement.  By midnight you could find some of us in the pool with our Cross Country Skis and even some with Toboggans!!!  Needless to say the next day on the slopes I had a slight headache and managed to fall a heck of a lot.

Well I won't dangle any longer - lets get right on with the 

Fish Stories 


The biggest caught by one of our old timers Bob Abe of Ridgeley, W. Va. at 12 1/2 lbs. 31".  He thought he lost his first place when Jim Johnstone of the Windsor Posties came in with his 12 lb. -31" the same week.  There is still some dispute over this!!  Also worth mentioning are Buzz Morrissey of Wheaton, Md. with a 11 lb - 31" and also a 10 lb - 30". Charlie Bucklew of Terra Alta, W. Va. with 11 lb - 31"


Verna Bosley of Cumberland showed all the fellows (Including Ron) what fishing is all about when she pulled in her big one - 10 1/2 lb - 40 1/2" !  Hats off to the little lady.  Runners up are marlin Rotz of Mercersburg, Pa.   11 lbs - 36" (Fred is thinking of hiring him for a guide).  Walter Lewis, Albright, W. Va. With a 10 1/2 lb - 34" and Christine Heck of Ohio landed a 10 lb - 36" (I think she got gypped -  according to the length it should have been about 11 1/2 lbs - not only is she a good fisherperson but also quite a camper).


Ray hale of Dayton, Ohio gets first prize with this one -  11 3/4 lb - 31"!  Charley Anderson of Terra Alta was also happy with this 10 1/2 lb - 30".  The Brazolottos of Guelph, Ont.  Also deserve a mention as they caught a few with the largest 8 lbs. - 27".  First timers luck I guess (at least Parisottos says so). 


The largest one here goes to Roger Selner of Grand Rapids, MI.  - he wasn't even going to show me this nice 4bs 3oz.  Next in line would be Larry Tiemen, Dayton Oh. With 3 1/4 lbs.


First prize here goes to Wayne "Mad Dog" Shoe with a 41 lb. 2oz. (He says it weighed over 51 lbs when he caught it - Dehydration!)  Just 2oz. Behind was Elio Parisotto from Guelph - his fishing buddies figured he scared that fish so bad it just jumped into the boat.  Personally I think it was floating upside down when he netted it.  There is no way he could have caught that fish - he's never caught anything before!!!  Largemouth were very good last year especially on the Hill, BurntCabin and Little Van Winkle.


We had an exceptionally good hunting season - the tally was three Bull Moose.  The largest was shot by Ron Goff, of Indiana with a 49" spread - another by Bruno Herzog of Switzerland with a 40" spread and a third by our champion Bear Hunter trying his luck for the first time with Moose, Chet Amick of Cumberland.  Nice hunting fellows!!!  Further we had 2 Deer, 1 Bear, 12 Rabbits, 8 Raccoons, approximately 37 Grouse, 1 Fox and 2 Crows.


Possibly due to my emergency call to all our guests in last years Bear Lake News asking them to cut down on their gear, we got through the whole season without any major problems on the Taxiboats.  This was the very first year where nothing happened to the boat or lower unit.  Thank you all for helping out.  There were however, other clouds in the Bear Lake sky naturally!! Both canoes on Stoney got stolen again - and as I went to pick up the tent on Burnt Cabin in the fall found it gone too!  Couple of 2 H.P. motors got sunk again but fortunately retrieved.  Of course the ever present Basket Jobs from some mechanics that can't get a motor started and take it apart.  The new Bear lake Queen (Dairy Queen as some people call it) did her job well and we are happy with it.  Naturally we still "Bust our Butts" to keep all our boats in tip top shape and you probably can't find a trace of a leak in any of them!


I would venture to say that 1982 was about the rainiest season we have had since I've been here.  Also a crazy winter - the lake didn't freeze until January 4th and the snow didn't arrive until the end of January.  Danny and Chris and Daniel from Lang Lake spent freeze up here in the camp.  Made their last trip to town by boat on December 6th.  The first trip possible with the snowmobile was in the second week of January.  Now we have about 2 feet of ice and the same amount of snow.  -  so it's pretty good going now.  Temperature is 28 Celsius out there tonight but it's nice and warm here in the lodge.


There was a group from Windsor - got lost on their way to High Lake - ended up swimming a swamp and climbing trees in order to get back - makes for a real Wilderness Adventure.

 Or the boys from Latrobe Pa. Packed up all their gear and headed over to Howry for an overnight - found the cabin occupied.  They made their teacher proud (me, of course) and instead of coming back, built themselves a lean to - nice job guys!

 The boys from Hanover spent a hard day trolling with no luck - came home to find two nice Lake Trout tied up to the dock?  Seems their buddy who stayed in bed with a hangover managed to get up for a short time - paddled out in front of the cabin, threw his line in  - caught a couple of fish, then went back to bed!

 Once again the Fort Wayne Girls outdid themselves throwing a party for the whole camp  -  Western Style.  It was a great success, leaving us look forward to the next one.  They also kept up their image as good fishermen  -  hitting the outer lakes every day.  But as far as boats and motors go…. Well that's another story that takes too long to tell!!  Eh, Karen, Debbie, Nancy and Karen.

 The Windsor Posties managed their 32 Case Limit this year to retain their title as Beer Drinking Champs.  But the title of Lake Trout Champs will have to go to the Havatter group from Maryland.  This year a new title is being given "Bear Lake Jinx" to Walter Shultz from Pa. - he will agree with that.

 The Bourgeois and his Voyageurs had two successful trips this year but the stories from that would take a letter in itself.

 [Outdoor Life]


More and more of our annual guests have started to come to this beautiful area for two weeks each season.  The reason being they are bound to get good weather and good fishing.  -   also the long trip here.  The following weeks are now full booked:

May 8 to 14 / May 14 to 21 / July 9 to 16 / July 16 to 23 / August 13 to 20
All other weeks have cabins free yet.

 There will be a 10% increase in the American Plan.  Semi American Plan and Cabin Rates.  Boats, Motors, Gas, Oil and Bait will remain the same price.  Our American guests will once again enjoy a 20% or more cheaper vacation due to the difference in the U. S. dollar.  Deposits on all plans will remain  at $30.00 per person.

 We will be spending the rest of the year here at BEAR LAKE so can be contacted at the same address:

P.O. BOX 1819
ESPANOLA,  Ontario P0P 1C0
Tel: (705) 368 - 3124

And so goes this edition of the Bear Lake news, so we say

                                                                                 TIGHT LINES AND HAPPY LANDINGS IN 1983

                                                                                                MATT & CAROL