Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[Bear Lake Camp News 1981]

 Hi Friends, Maddogs, and Newcomers to the Bear Lake family:

 Here it is the end of January so I figured I had better get with it and start our annual Newsletter.  So far we have just been "goofing off" and enjoying our winter at Bear Lake.  Now don't get me wrong, it is a heck of a lot of work taking care of this camp in the winter.  There are exploratory runs to different lakes like Fish, Great Mountain, over the mountain to Nellie and many, many more.  On top of all that they have to be fished too.  Snowmobiling, fishing, snowshoeing, sauna, bringing in wood - you just wouldn't believe how much there is to be done out here in the wilderness!

 Once again we had a very, very good season last summer, and we thank all of you who make it that way.  THANKS!


Usually I start with Lake Trout but this year for obvious reasons is different:

The biggest Northern was caught in Cat Lake, casting the shoreline in about 3 feet of water by guess who...?  Yes, your favorite Camp owner made it again.  17 1/2 lbs.  -  41 1/2 inches.  Two not so close seconds were TK from Dayton and Charlie Anderson of Terra Alta with a couple of 10 1/2 pounders and coming third Bill Rugh from Latrobe, PA with on just under 10 lbs.  Minnows!

The biggest Lake Trout of the season belongs to Marlin Rotz of Mercersburg, PA.  His whopper was 14 lbs. - 33 1/2 inches.  A very close second Robert Catala of New Jersey with a 13 pounder - 32 inches.  Honorable mentions - Barry Anderson, W. Va. - 12 1/2 lbs., Charlie Buckle, W. Va. and Harry Rientjes, Ohio both over 10 lbs.  Being a girl Leslie Beal, Md., gets a mention for her 9 1/2 pounder.  Well done Leslie!

Fred Nair of Mercersburg, Pa. got himself the largest Walleye (Pickerel) with a whopping 11 pounder - about 31 inches.

The biggest Smallmouth Bass was caught by one of our new guests James Eberle of Warren, PA -  over 5 lbs.

About the biggest Largemouth -  I can't make up my mind who has the prize - there were several again between 4 and 6 lbs.  Mostly out of Stoney and Burnt Cabin.  One thing for sure the biggest stringers, every day of the week they were here, were from the Custer gang out of Rockford, Ohio.


 We had two hunting parties in this year and came up with a pretty good kill rate. Apart from the usual Grouse, Ducks and Rabbits we had two moose shot by Jim Goff with LaFon Worley and their party from Ohio and later on two Deer killed by me and the Norm Plante party from Toronto.  A black Bear was killed in the spring by Donny Martin of Mercersburg, PA.


One Lower Unit on the Taxi boat (hitting a floating log again).  Two canoes stolen  on Stoney (3 miles in the bush) and 2 portage motors - some guys tried to team them to swim but didn't succeed.  We got them out and running again.

THIS YEAR'S A.O.T.Y  AWARD (Watt award)

 Goes once again to Jim Watt of Warren, Pa.  (Same winner all the time.)

THE 1,000,000,000 DOLLAR QUESTION????

 Whose Bras were flying on the Flagpole in July?????????????????


 Who else but our good old friendly Postal workers from Windsor, Ontario.  They managed to down some 28 cases of beer for the eight of them but I hear two of them didn't ever help!!!  At least they left me the empties so I made a few pennies on it too.  Same gang caught a lot of Lake Trout without going further than 1 mile from camp.  They used what they call the Detroit River Shakedown, trolling a 15 ounce weight and a 15 foot leader with a Rappala.


 A lot of our troubles with the Taxiboat comes from Overloading.  Please help me find a way to keep our loads down to a minimum.  Much like an airplane.  I have racked my brain to do something about that without offending any of our guests.  We have to contemplate a surcharge on heavy items such as:  Motors, Own Gas, Canoes, Tents that are not being used and so forth.  Beer and Pop we have to limit to one case per Person the rest can be bought at the camp.


Since we are staying in camp right through the winter and Ice Breakup it's as easy as pie  -  not too many phone numbers - just one!!


 And all mail to P.O. Box 1819, Espanola, Ontario, POP 1C0

 The odd weeks in May, July and August are already partly booked out  -  please call or write us right away so we can put you in the book tentatively until your deposit arrives.


                                Matt & Carol