Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[Bear Lake Camp News 1979]


Again it is time for our annual Newsletter to you. Time sure flies! For us anyway. It's hard to believe that another season is just weeks away. It seems we just left the camp.

It got very cold at the end of October. We were already to leave when, for another ten days, it got warm again. So we got out our paintbrushes and rollers out and started painting. We finished #3, #8, the generator house and the fish cleaning hut, before it got cold again.

All in all it has been another great season for us. We sure know that all of you are to blame for that, we like to thank all of you for being, not just guests but also good friends to us and making Bear Lake Camp a great place to be.

Each year throughout the summer season, I make all kinds of promises in good faith and each year I have to break them because so far it just wasn't possible for us to do all the visiting during the off season that we would like to do. So all our friends in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, W. Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Florida, Hang on, we will get there as soon as our payment burden gets lighter.

We now have a new building on the island. It's a Sauna and Shower building. The Sauna is finished and the Showers will be hopefully towards the end of Spring. The Sauna was "ON" just about every day last fall, and the guys and girls enjoyed it tremendously, especially the ones that never experienced one before, most of em jumped right from the Sauna into the cold October water of Bear Lake just like their favorite hero. (Yours truly) The truth of the matter is, that once your body is over heated by the steam bath, that you don't even feel the cold and it doesn't take a hero.

The water in lower Cranberry came back only for a short time in August after some good rains, but I am happy to announce that Roundotter which was down 4 feet, is back up to normal. I was down there in the fall and saw the Beaver dam a mile down North Howry creek totally rebuilt.


Believe it or not, the same guy as last year, on the first day of his Vacation week!!! Congratulations Charlie Anderson from Terra Alta, W. Virginia. By the way they made Terra Alta the capitol of W. Virginia because the King lives there….. 13 Pounds Plus!!!!!

A second year guest to the Camp got this one and it was a beauty. Donnie martin of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Weight: 12 Pounds. Maybe you can show Fred, Richard and Bob a few good Spots next spring.

N O R T H E R N   P I K E
The guy that made the very first Newsletter we put out, with his Laker, is in the news again. This whopper Pike weighed 12 pounds and 2 oz. He's Dave Lilley of Windsor, Ontario. A very close second was Allen Henthorne of Kentucky, his was the same length but skinny and weighed a little over ten.

S M A L L M O U T H   B A S S
This whopper was caught by a first timer to the Camp. Lou Cuccia of Horn Lake, Missouri. Weight: 5 lbs. 5 oz. And a mentionable second Duke Stollar of Windsor, Ontario his was 4 lbs. 7 oz.

L A R G E M O U T H   B A S S
Another beauty, and he didn't even know that he might be a winner. Craig Shellabarger of Rockford, Ohio. Weight 7 lbs. 1 oz

This one has to be mentioned because didn't even see the potential. Otherwise this fish would be hanging in the Lodge on the wall instead in somebody's tummy. Billy Broucek of Manchester, Michigan got this 1 lb. 5 oz. Beauty. I didn't find out until it was already eaten that this fish was just 3 oz. Short of the Canadian Record.

Another fantastic size fish that weighed 1 lb. 3. Oz. It was caught by Brian Reichel of Indianapolis, Indiana. I have never seen a bigger Blue Gill up here.

H E Y   G U Y S   K E E P   Y O U R    H E A D S   H I G H   A N D   P R O U D

(At least until next season)

I haven't been able to get out very often this year and my most humble catches as far as size goes were: Laker 8 lbs. LM 5 1/2 lbs. Pike 4 lbs. SM 2 lbs. And last but not least an involuntary dip into the cold November waters of Bassoon Lake with all my clothes on.

C A S U A L T I E S   O F   T H E   S E A S O N

The first new lower unit on the big Taxiboat hat to be installed just about three weeks into the season. Cause: A floating log in the middle of the Lake at about 35 Miles per Hour.

The second lower Unit on the big Taxiboat had to be installed after Gerd hit the big rock in the Plunge narrows.

The third lower Unit had to be installed on the big Transporter 125 Hp. After Gerd hit it again, just two days later, on the same Rock but with the other Boat.

The two schoolboys, Mark and Paul, managed to sink one of our Alu. 14 ft. boats, while doing a Sand transport for me from Sandy Beach. Hopefully, our firefighter friends from Fort Wayne will be able to bring it up again with their Scuba equipment. It is in 45 ft. of water.

And to top it all off, our boy Keith twisted his ankle real bad at the end of the season. It still isn't 100% well.

……t h o u   s h a l l   n o t    d r i n k   e x c e s s i v e l y …..


Remember last issues story about the record size LM that got dropped over board right after a picture was taken? Well we've been had!!!!! I find out only now, that the picture was taken by putting his walking cane into a 6 inch Large Mouth's gill and extending the who cane towards the camera. So naturally the fish looked like a 8 pounder. What a Rat!!! If you guys would like to make him feel bad about putting you all on, go ahead make him feel bad, swamp him with smutt letters. The Address: Mr. Glen Adams, 4534 Mirror Light PL., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804


James Goff of Middleburg Hts., Ohio finally got his bear. It was the fastest Hunt in Bear Lake History. The day he came in he took a stroll over to see the lower Cranberry Lake that was no more. Good thing he had his rifle with him like a good Hunter should. Anyways less than two hours after, he got back to Camp with a nice 175 lb. Blackie.

Chet Amick of Cumberland, Maryland got his sixth Bear in eight years. There is a Hunter that is extremely Lucky, or is it know how? Yeah I guess it must be!!!!!!

Jim Johnstone of Windsor, Ontario got his Moose after 4 years of trying real hard and hunting very consciously. It was another Lucky-Strike. He got it just 500 yards away from the island. No sweat and strain from carrying quarters out from the bush for miles.

Chuck Dever got himself a timberwolf while hunting for bear. There is another good Maryland hunter for you!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   H U N T E R S

G O O D   N E W S
Lang and Bear Lake Association is now in full swing of getting action with the Government, about getting the stocking program for Walleye going into our waters. Also the indication has been that in the Penage and our System they are coming back by themselves.

G O O D   T I P S
It's good practice to always have some toothpaste in your tacklebox, to cleanse sticky rod ferrules, to polish tarnished lures and to deodorize your hands after cleaning fish.

M O S T   S U C C E S S F U L   L U R E S   T H I S    Y E A R
On Pike: Cordell Spot; On Lakers: Rappalas and Rebels; On Bass: Plow Jockeys.

T H E   W I N N E R   F R O M   T H E   R E A R
John Campbell from Trenton, New Jersey managed to catch a 2 inch Perch on a 3 inch Lure. Nice going John!!!!!!

Well that's it for this time.
Yours truly until we meet
Again this Fishing Season

Matt & Carol

 P. S. You can contact us personally this year at 872 Riverdale Ave., Windsor, Ontario N8S 4C1. Telephone (519) 945-6182. Carol's sister's address remains the same as shown in the phone book and all messages to it or to the camp address will be forwarded to us.