Dedicated to Matt & Carol Bundi

[Bear Lake Camp News 1977]


I would like to begin this year's NEWS with a big "THANK YOU ALL" for making the 1976 Season such a big success for us.

Our closing days at the camp were some very cold ones. The temperature varied between 15 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit. It didn't give us enough time to empty the water system. Toll = Broken water pump and some broken taps.

I left Canada on November 10th for Switzerland to look over the Skilift Restaurant which we are managing now. Carol came over December 12th. We are up at 7500 feet surrounded by 12000 foot peaks.

Now back to Bear Lake ….. FISH STORIES!

Yours Truly got "Skunked the Most" this year!

Anita and Raini are back in Switzerland and I just heard that Marco will get married to a Canadian girl this year. Carol's sister Cathy Flanagan will do the cooking for us this Spring, and we will be back by April 15th.

We are looking forward to Bear Lake Camp again. We'll have a lot to talk to you guys about this year.


 Carol and Matt