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Bear Lake Euchre Tourney

Download the rules, registration and liability waiver form here!

THC Champions


2008 THC Teams

THC Champions


2007 THC Teams

THC Champions


2006 THC Teams

THC Champions


2005 THC Teams

THC Champions



2004 THC Teams

Winners of Winners Bracket: TomK & BobD
Winners of Losers Bracket: ScottB & WildCard

We are still looking for the completed brackets in case anyone comes across them.

THC Champions




2003 THC Teams

Winners of Winners Bracket: ScottB & ToddS
Winners of Losers Bracket:


THC Champions



2002 THC Teams

Winners of Winners Bracket: TomK & JackH
Winners of Losers Bracket: GarlandH & NickK

DaveB & Wildcard
JimP & BobT
Garland & NickK
TomK & JackH
MattK & ScottB
MikeG & RogerH

THC Champions


Wild Card


2001 THC Teams

Winners of Winners Bracket: DaveB & Wildcard
Winners of Losers Bracket: ToddS & LarryC

MikeG & Wild Card
MattK & JackH
DaveB & TomB
ToddS & LarryC
NickK & Vaughn2
BobT & ScottB
JimP & GarlandH
MarkM & ChrisS

Jack had his hands full with this tournament. We had new rules to digest and players coming and going all week long so there were plenty of subsititue players thrown into games.

I am happy to say that we ended the Kline dynasty for another year and happier yet it was Borchelt who was responsible for the unseating. Good Job Dad!

THC Champions

Mike Goodrich

Matt Kline


2000 THC Teams

Winners of Winners Bracket: MikeG & MikeK
Winners of Losers Bracket: TomK & Wildcard

TomK & Wildcard
BobT & KyleR
ScottB & EdR
Vaughn2 & LarryC
DaveB & NickK
MikeG & MattK
JimP & GarlandH
BrianK & ToddS

Wow, what a tournanment. I got pulled into the game as a wildcard for Tom Kline. We wrapped up the week on the deck at Lang Lake Lodge for the second year in a row. More to tell...

Harding has agreed to organize the Euchre tourney for us.  I plan on faxing him the names, so he can work his magic organizing the tourney and creating the tourney tree.  He is in the Bahamas right now and can’t take the week off without having digital cellular connections from the island.  I don’t think that service is on Chuck’s list of camp upgrades.

I am hoping we can start the tourney at the hotel in Espanola.  If we have the tourney setup before we head up, getting in one or two games on Friday night will make finishing the tourney that much easier.  Remember, we get squeezed late in the week to finish the tourney and last year we finished the tourney on the deck at Howard’s.

THC Champions

Bob Taylor
Tom Kline


1999 THC Teams

What a battle.  Bob Taylor & Tom Kline are the clear champions of the Tonya Harding Cup. However,  Scott Borchelt & Vaughn McDaniel II gave them a run for the cup.  Bob & Tom first faced Scott & Vaughn II during the finals of the Winners Bracket.  Scott And Vaughn were beaten 8 to 10.  Later, Scott & Vaughn II won the losers bracket and again were matched against the eventual 1999 champs.  Scott & Vaughn II defeated Tom & Bob on the deck of Howard's at Lang Lake.  Finally, with  a crowd gathered, the four settled in to the final game.  Whoever won this last game would become the new 1999 champs.  The score built to barn - barn.  Both were in the barn.  Last trick wins... and TK dealt himself a practical loaner to win the cup.  

Congratulations Taylor & Kline.

Winners - Bob Taylor & Tom Kline.
Winners of Losers - Scott Borchelt & Vaughn McDaniel II
Matt Kline & Jim Willman
Brian Kline & Todd Swinson
Jim Perrine & Jerry Van Norman
Garland Hutto & James Hutto
Jack Harding & Mike Goodrich
Dave Borchelt & Vaughn III

THC Champions

Well, I am sorry to say that we never got around to having the Euchre tournament this year.  Without Jack Harding there to help organize the event... and to help figure out the complex formulas for determining the teams, we never made the time to sit and play.  Personally, I was out fishing every night and Jim beat my Walleye by 1/2 inch AGAIN! 


THC Champions

Matt Kline
MattK.jpg (3804 bytes)
Nick Kline

1997 THC Teams

ScottB & ChrisS
DaveB & WillieW
MikeG & JamesH
BrianK & JohnS
GeorgeT & GarlandH
ToddS & MikeM
JimP & TomK
DaveM & JackH

Tournament Photos

07.jpg (39550 bytes) 06.jpg (37982 bytes)

THC Champions

Vaughn McDaniel 3

Scott Borchelt

ScottB.jpg (2187 bytes)

1996 THC Teams

THC Champions

Matt Kline
MattK.jpg (3804 bytes)
Scott Borchelt
ScottB.jpg (2187 bytes)

1995 THC Teams

Mike G & Vaughn II
George T & Tom K
Nick K & Dave M   - Winners of the Losers Bracket
Vaughn III & Bob T
Dave B & Jeff M