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Bear Lake 2018 - July 27 - Aug 4

Update from the Tanya Harding Cup Grand Marshall

Learn Euchre - I love it!!!

Dad's Spring Update

The deposits continue to make their way to our mailbox. I think our group is set with Bentley being the only question mark. Harding will come through Grand Rapids to give Jim some help in the event that Bentley cannot make the trip.The Phoenix group have made their reservations, so we can begin to put together the transportation. We will need some extra room to accommodate supplies for the flyers. 

Mueller continues his investigation and we have learned through anonymous sources that a FISA request has been approved to follow conversations of Jack Harding. The request was granted based on his knowledge of the Russian language which would allow him to communicate with Connie. Furthermore, he has been accused of salacious acts at the Pine Wood Motel. He has also been known to frequent cabin three into the wee hours of the morning. Sources have told us that he may have bribed the cabin inhabitants to help him smuggle the brats to Russian spies. Everyone knows that brats are in demand in Russia and bring a high price on the black market. Further complicating the investigation is information on a missing cooler that might have been used to transport the brats. Mueller is confident that he has enough information on certain people that they could be turned in exchange for a softer sentence. I am still hoping this can be settled before our trip. 

Remember to buy your license on line and check your passport.

Bear Lake 2018 Letter

Scott and I spent Thanksgiving weekend hunting deer, fishing for stripers, and hunting quail. In between the events we talked about our next Canadian adventure and reminisced about last year. The Bear Lake trip will be from July 28 to August 4 so it is time to mark your calendars. As usual, we are first making an invitation to last years contingent. If I remember correctly one or two talked about bringing a son on the trip. Those traveling in from Phoenix should probably make the same travel arrangements; however, John will require close supervision. This could be Werffs year to return to Bear Lake with the crew from the West.

Hopefully the beavers will have the dam on lower Cranberry repaired making a day trip to Stoney much easier. An overnight to Howery might be a good idea provided the group DOES NOT decide to hike up the mountain. This lake offers the possibility of a very large Northern Pike. A couple trips into Hanna will certainly fit into the week and perhaps someone will catch Jim Willman’s fishing pole and reel which ended up in the lake after a weird set of events. Maybe it will be revealed how the bratwurst disappeared.

Harding is working on another euchre tournament; he would like to find a way where everyone plays a hand with a different person. Sounds complicated but it might work. I thought about playing three hands just like duplicate bridge just for the entertainment of watching how people play defense or offense. This is also compilcated and would not work for the whole camp.

Bill is working on more improvements for the cabins. The addition of the deck on cabin 7 is great and this year a door leading into the cabin from the deck has been added.

Christmas is a great time to look for some equipment (fishing/camping) for our next adventure. Please send a note back with your thoughts about next summer. Hopefully we will all have a chance to wet a line together and enjoy a beer or two in the evening.

David and Scott

Bear Lakers for 2018 - 15?

GA - Dave Borchelt AZ - Chad Sorrick
MI - Scott Borchelt AZ - John Nagel
AZ - Jason Swanson (R) AZ - Rob Spoor
MI - Jim Willman IN - Bob Taylor
CO - Jack Harding MI - Mike Goodrich
OH - John Meyers AZ - Ken Prodan
OH - Jim Thomas OH - Bill Thomas
    AZ - Jon Vander Werff
Fence MI - Bentley Streling    
Out IL - Wally Poirier   TN - Jim Perrine
  IN - Todd Patton    

(R) Rookies

Cabin Assignments

Cabin Fishermen Cook Night Meal
Guides Jim & Bill Thursday Beans n ham
2 Dad & Scott Saturday Mom's lasagna
3 Jim, John, Mike, Monday - OV? Fish
6 Jack & Bob Sunday - OV? Mexican
7 Chad, Jon & Jason


8 John, Rob & Ken Wednesday Brauts

Travel Plans

Driver Departure Riders Return

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