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Bear Lake 2017 - July 28 - Aug 5

5/24 Update:
We now have three rookies for a total of 16 fishermen. Ken Prodan from Arizona, Todd Patton from Indiana, and Dick Warnke from Georgia will be heading North with us to the cool clear waters of Canada. Ken will get some help from Rob and John. All the flyers will get some assistance with provision from Scott and myself. We are excited about enjoying the week with our ROOKIES!

Todd, Chad's cousin, will be coming from the Indianapolis area. He will probably meet us in Gaylord but we can work through the transportation logistics later. Dick is my neighbor at Lake Oconee and will fly into Flint. He will travel to Gaylord with Scott or myself.

I will be ordering tee shirts next week so send me your size. Also as mentioned in my last email, I will buy a case of your favorite beer for the flyers or for states that require a deposit. I am sure Chad will want an IPA!  Remember the $150 that you sent for a deposit will be used as a kitty to reimburse any group expenses.

Our next email will make cabin assignments and dinner assignments. As usual, each cabin will prepare a dinner and any food expense will be reimbursed from the kitty. Mike, with help, will be in charge of two breakfasts during the week.  

Send your shirt size and beer requests along with any questions or comments.

 Wishing all tight lines

Bear Lakers for 2017 - Final Count: 15

GA - Dave Borchelt - bp AZ - Chad Sorrick - bp
MI - Scott Borchelt - bp AZ - John Nagel - bp
MI - Bentley Streling - bp AZ - Rob Spoor - bp
MI - Jim Willman - bp IN - Bob Taylor
CO - Jack Harding - bp MI - Mike Goodrich
OH - John Meyers - bp AZ - Ken Prodan (R) - bp
OH - Jim Thomas OH - Bill Thomas
IN - Todd Patton (R) - bp  
Out GA - Dick Warnke (R)    
  AZ - Jon Vander Werff   TN - Jim Perrine
  MI - Matt Brown   IL - Wally Poirier

(R) Rookies

Cabin Assignments

Cabin Fishermen Cook Night Meal
2 or G Jim, Bill Wednesday Ham & Beans
3 Jim, John, Mike, Monday - Overnight Fish
6 Dad, Jack, Bob Sunday Lasagna
7 Scott, Bentley, Chad, Todd Thur / Sat Fish / Leg o Lamb
8 John, Rob, Ken Tuesday Brauts

Travel Plans

Driver Departure Riders Return

Friday 5:34pm Sudbury United Airlines 8629 Operated by AIR CANADA

Jon, Rob, and Ken arrive in Sudbury on Friday... Need pickup Saturday 1:35pm
Scott Scott's home to head to Gaylord with pickup Todd n Chad Saturday
Dad Scott's home to head to Gaylord with pickup Todd n Chad Saturday
John Ohio to head to Gaylord ??? Saturday
Bob Indiana to head to Gaylord Parked in Gaylord Saturday
JimW GR to Gaylord Jack and Bentley Saturday
Jim n Bill Ohio to Espanola Same ???

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