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Bear Lake 2012 - July 20 - 28

PICS from 2012 - Scott B | Dave B


July 8

Bear Lakers

We now stand at twelve days and counting for our next trek to the clear waters of Bear Lake.  Most of us will meet in Gaylord on Friday morning and start our journey north. I will be leaving from Jim Perrine’s home with Garland and Neil. Scott and Jon VanderWerff will meet us in route. (Should we make arrangements to pick up Bentley?) Jim W. will be departing from Grand Rapids, Jon Rogers from Rochester, and Bob Taylor from Crawfordsville. This will bring our group to eleven fishermen in Gaylord; the Klines will meet us on Saturday morning in Espanola. I have five rooms reserved at their Pinewood Motor Inn for Friday night.  We will need to bring a cot into one of the rooms. Our return Journey is a little more complicated. Neil will be headed west into Mn. and Garland will be traveling with Jon Rogers to his cabin in Michigan. Weffer has a 4:00 PM flight home on Saturday and might need to depart with Scott on Friday evening. Jim P wants to be dropped off in the UP. We could probably save one car if I came back with Scott and “Werffer” late on Friday. We will have too many cars parked at Connie’s. Thoughts?

Cabin 7 now only has two people so I might join Jim W. and Neil. (Check The meal assignments will remain the same. Scott and I will handle Saturday, Neil on Sunday, Garland on Monday, Matt on Tuesday, Mike on Wednesday, and Garland on Thursday. Meals after Monday are open for fish fry; Bill plans to treat for dinner on Friday.

The kitty will buy one case of beer per person; fishermen, like myself, who will drink more, need to purchase another case and help cover the duty. If you prefer, I can purchase the beer in Georgia to avoid paying the deposit. Just send me a note with you preference.

I will purchase the following supplies for each cabin (please add any suggestions)
   Soap for dishes and hand sanitizers
   Cleaning pads
   Paper towels
   Plates and bowls     
   Forks and spoons

The following will be individual expense
   Crawlers (suggest handling by cabin)
   Motel room 
   Wine (Wine ordered on Friday night will be reimbursed)
   Breakfast at Roger Rabbit

Send a note to all for anything I may have forgotten or any suggestions. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


March 11
If you have checked, you can see that we have 15 with their hat in for 2012. However, we also have Bob Taylor, Mark Kochis, Bentley Streling, and Neil Lovering to add to this list. Neil would like to bring one guest with him. Jon Rogers is still hoping his son decides to join our merry band. We have not heard from Matt Brown. Tom Kline sent a note and asked about the trip. Eighteen is probably a perfect number for Bill and for handling our group. The daily gathering at inspiration point has created a little flexibility to the back lakes, so we probably could handle 21 participants.

Jim Perrine and Jim Willman gave their deposit checks with both a date and time to make certain they hold a place in the euchre tournament. Jack's note on the rules was very funny. We should probably start playing a game or two on Saturday.

Feb Invitation Letter

Euchre Rules

Bear Lakers for 2012 - 15 so far...

Jack Harding
  Hat In:    
Garland Hutto Matt Kline
Dave Borchelt Nick Kline
Scott Borchelt Neil Lovering
Jim Perrine Jeff Landis (R)
Jim Willman Tom Kline
Jon Vander Werff Bob Taylor
Jon Rogers Bentley Streling
Mike Goodrich    
  On Deck:    
  Mark Kochis    
  Confirmed Out:    
  Kyle Resh   Ed Resh
  Pat Resh (R)   Dick Resh (R)
  VaughnM2   JohnMeyers
  BobDavie   VaughnM3
  JonR's son   Kenner Zadrozny - Hutto (R)
  Jack Harding    

(R) Rookies

Cabin Assignments

Cabin Fishermen Cook Night Meal
2 Mike, JimP Wed Fish
3 Matt, Nick, TomK, JeffL Tue Pork Tenderloin
6 Scott, Jon, Bentley Sat TBD
7 JimW, DaveB, NeilL Sun Special
8 Bob, Garland, JonR Mon, Thr 2 Meals! (Boys Overnight)

Travel Plans

Driver Departure Riders Return
Resh's Flying to Chicago on Friday and driving to Espanola - Arrive Time TBD. Ed, Kyle, and Dick Resh Saturday
Kline's Leaving Cincy on Saturday for PM arrival. Matt, Nick, and Tom Kline Staying

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