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Bear Lake 2011 - July 23-30

Pictures: ScottB | DaveB | MikeG

Fishing Report:

Our trip started with a scramble; we lost Mark Kochis (we certainly missed his company) due to a request from "Sir Paul" and I was very late getting to Gaylord. Yes, we will set back our departure time from Gaylord next year. The trip to Espanola included the normal number of stops; however, we did clear the border without a delay. Dinner that evening was great and I think we made the day for our waitress. I believe we did a better job of unloading gear on the island; less people searched for their stuff. The only boat to fire up and proceed to the island without a problem was a 1981 Mercury engine. Once again the big lake produced some very nice small mouth bass on Saturday. I lost track but I know several were caught over eighteen inches and several more between seventeen and eighteen inches. Mike has suggested that we move up our dinner hour; in years past, we ate around 5:30 PM which gave us a chance to fish walleye in the evening. I agree and would like to build this in the plan for next year. Sunday was the day of the great trek with the canoe; last year this trail was like a four lane highway. This year it was full of blow downs and was very difficult to make the over and around the trees. Had I know, this trip would have been set aside. Kudos to Larry, John, and Scott for doing more their fair share. I can only hope the group can make use of the canoes in the future. I do plan to make another trip to Betty in 2012.  Perhaps the Klines can pay back the favor by putting one of our high seat boats on Leech Lake. (Eh Jim)

Our rookies were great sports on the evening of their initiation. Scott started the evening off right by struggling to remember the rules for Major Viking/ Minor Viking. I vote to have Steve lead this exercise next year!! He definitely needs more practice than Neil and Larry. However, Larry may need a little more coaching on Williy/Willy. I think everyone will enjoy the DVD. I am anxious to get pictures of the bull moose and the huge buck. I might put together a Bear Lake calendar. I think I made everyone in our boat a little nervous when I glided toward the big cow moose. I cannot believe she let us get so close. Garland was gliding toward the euchre cup when his partner,Scott, had to leave early. This ended his run of cards and he with his new partner,Vaughn, were  beaten twice by Mike and John. As Jim P. knows it is not over until it is over. Friday morning found Jim leading for the biggest small mouth and the largest northern pike but Friday evening found "boom boom" out of the money in both categories. Bob Taylor's 20 and a half inch small mouth was caught on a top water lure and put on a spectacular fight. The lure fell out of the mouth in the net. I would be remiss not to mention Scott's 21 and three quarter inch large mouth. It was a beautiful fish and continued to add to the luster of Round Otter. Next to the two bass my 29 and three quarter inch northern was just ordinary. It has probably been a long time since neither Vaughn or Mike were not winners. I am sure they will correct this next year. Jon Rogers set a record; he did not wet a line the entire week. He did do more than his fair share of camaraderie on "Bullshit Bluff". We need the gang on the hill to share some stories. Garland's meals were great and much appreciated. The two of us may need to charter a plane for Stoney where Garland give give me another lesson on unhooking a northern pike. I have attached a copy of our expenses with a few comments. Cabin eight was an excellent stop before dinner for conversation and crown on ice.(eh Neil)  I am looking forward to next year.

Send your your comments in a reply to all and your pictures to Scott to post on the website!



April 17th Update:

I have not caught many fish on Lake Oconee, but several days ago I stood on the dock and caught 2 stripers, 1 very large cannel catfish, 3 crappies, and 2 largemouth bass. All the fish were caught within an hour! Hard to believe such a variety would be feeding in the same area. This wet my appetite for Canada and our treks into the out lying lakes. We stand at sixteen fishermen and more than ever the term fishermen might be an exaggeration. I spoke to Jack and he is already planning refreshments for inspiration point. I warned him that this years group will on some days double the size of the last year. Bob Taylor was here during the masters and he promised to be there to film the festivities. He also plans to buy new lures and switch tactics. I gave him some hints from the latest Field and Stream Magazine. The magazine lists the 30 best lures for 2011 that are certain (author"s claim) to be classics. Number one on the list is the Sebile Magic Swimmer; this should ring a bell for Jim P. and Jim W. Both of them have one in their tackle box. The Rapala X Rap is listed as number two and is supposed to be deadly for smallies or walleyes. The Gulp Minnow is number five; that should make Matt B happy. The Salmo Hornet is number eight and praised for producing on the troll. If you want something on top the Rapala Skitter Pop is listed as number sixteen; it is made of balsa wood with plastic popping mouth. Time to pull out the catalogs or visit Cabelas web site!!

I did not get any replies for volunteers to move the aluminum canoe on our island to Betty. We have one there that would be a perfect match to tape together. With Bill's two canoes, we could take eight people back and make the trek much easier by splitting the canoe carrying in four segments. This might also be a good time to have a team contest; Vaughn has a couple of my dollars that I would like to get back.

It is probably time to think about transportation for those coming in from afar.  We can plan our meeting points and make certain we have enough drivers. The Spring fishing trip will give some of us an opportunity to make a few of the plans. Scott and I will follow with cabins and meals in early June.

Looking forward to our next adventure; send the group a note!



January 2011 Update:

If you are checking the web site, you know that ten fishermen have already signed up for the 2011 adventure. I promised Bill that I would get back to him as soon as possible with our numbers. I want to give him an opportunity to market cabin eight if our group does not need the room. As I mentioned before, the addition of Steve Walgren and Neil Lovering (waiting on their confirmation) will certainly increase the number of laid back fishermen  enjoying the camaraderie on "inspiration point" with Jack Harding, Jon Rogers and perhaps Mark Kochis.

I think one of our excursions should be to Betty; We can carry back our aluminum canoe which is a match for the one on the lake. Bill has two canoes so we can take eight people back which should make it easy to share the burden. For those who have not fished this lake, it is similar to Stoney and Burntcabin. Hopefully the lake trout fishing will also provide a leisurely day on the big lake. Of course Mike will spend just enough time on the big lake to catch the biggest small mouth bass. Jim P. will certainly make his trek to Round Otter and Little Lake on the Hill. I plan to award the prizes for last years biggest fish at dinner on Friday night. Does anyone have a good picture of Nick with his walleye?   

I know the end of July seems like a long wait, but time slips by quickly and we will soon be meeting in Gaylord. Send me a note so we can start to develop plans for transportation and firm up our cabins with Bill.  

Dave Borchelt -


Bear Lakers for 2011 - 17 so far...

  Hat In:    
Garland Hutto Larry Willis (R)
David Borchelt Scott Borchelt
  Jon Rogers   Jim Perrine
  Jim Willman Matt Brown
  Mike Goodrich John Meyers
Vaughn McDaniel II   Mark Kochis
  Neil Lovering (R)   Steve Wallgren (R)
  Jack Harding   Bob Taylor
  Bentley Streling    
  On Deck:   Nick Kline
  Confirmed Out:    
  Vaughn McDaniel III   Loren McDaniel
  Brian Kline   Matt Kline
  Chris Sealy   Jim McAllister
  Bob Davie    

(R) Rookies

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