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Bear Lake 2009
July 25 - August 1

Which banner should we pick?


John Meyers | Jim Perrine | Scott Borchelt | Scott's 2 | Vaughn McDaniel



Author Title
John Meyers Salt Bag Demo Cabin 3
John Meyers Willman Express
Jack Harding Dave Borchelt Catches a Pike
John Meyers Bear Lake Boat Ride


16 Confirmed Bear Lakers for 2009

  Jack Harding   Jim Perrine
  Garland Hutto   Ethan Zadrozny (R)
Dave Borchelt Scott Borchelt
Matt Brown John Meyer
Vaughn McDaniel II Jon Rogers (R)
Matt Kline Austin Rogers (R)
  Mike Goodrich   Jim Willman
Matt Rogers (R)   Bob Taylor
  On Deck:    
  Confirmed Out:   Vaughn McDaniel III
  Bob Davie   Matt Hash
  Jon Vander Werff   Nick Kline
  Loren McDaniel   Jim Hanson
  Mark Kochis    

(R) Rookies, your Initiation Host this year is Matt Kline. Remember: Be Kind, Matt Kline!

Cabin Assignments

Cabin Fishermen Cook Night Meal
2 Garland Hutto & Ethan Tuesday - with assist from 3 Etoufee & bread or bananna pudding
3 Perrine, Goodrich, Vaughn, Meyer, Willman Monday Fish, salad
6 Dad, Jack, Bob Saturday Green Chili Burrito Casserole
7 Scott, Kline, Brown Thursday Fish Tacos, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Bean Salad
8 Jon Rogers, Matt & Austin Sunday Pork Tenderloin, potatoes au gratin, green beans, and a green salad
  Garland & Guests Wednesday Top Secret
  Bear Lake Lodge - Bill Drane Friday TBD

Travel Plans

Driver Departure Riders Return
Jim Willman Gaylord at noon Friday Mike Goodrich, Vaughn McDaniel, Jim Perrine Saturday
Jon Rogers Meeting us on 75 Friday Mike & Austin Saturday
Dad Arriving Thursday night in Gaylord with Perrine and Taylor. - At Mike's at 930 - 1000 am. Bob Taylor, Jack Harding, John Meyers Saturday
Matt Kline Arriving Friday morning from Cincy with Hutto's Garland & Ethan Saturday
Matt Brown Arriving Friday night or Saturday morning TBD solo? Thursday AM
Scott Borchelt Leaving Thursday Night   Saturday
Total Riders 16    


Tonya Harding Cup Euchre Tourney


Group photo from 2008


Jack Harding's Tips for a safe Bear Lake experience


Matt Brown's contribution where Vaughn II describes a particular problem he is having and apologizes to Garland:  

Matt Brown brings in a nice pike on Howry under the supervision of Scott:


4 Jack Harding XX Jim Perrine
  Garland Hutto   Ethan Zadrozny (R)
XL no # Dave Borchelt XX Scott Borchelt
  Matt Brown XL - front John Meyer
XL Vaughn McDaniel II L-N Jon Rogers (R)
XL Matt Kline M-N Austin Rogers (R)
  Mike Goodrich XL Jim Willman
L-N Matt Rogers (R)   Bob Taylor

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