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Bear Lake 2008 - July 26 - August 02

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Picture Sets

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19 Reserved Fishermen for 2008

TonyS (R) VaughnM2
JohnM VaughnM3
JonVW LorenM (R)
ScottB DaveB
In MikeG In Jim Perrine
In GarlandH In BobT
JackH In JimW
BobD JimH
In NickK Matt Brown
Mark Kochis    
Out CharlieH    
Out TomK OUT MattK
Out MattH OUT JakeB

Cabin Assignments

2 GarlandH, NickK
3 VaughnM2, JimP, MikeG, JimW, JohnM
6 BobT, JackH, MarkK
7 BobD, JimH , TonyS
8 LorenM, VaughnM3, MattB
CIFC DaveB, ScottB, JohnV


Meal Plan -

Sat CIFC Cheese, sausage and crackers ( appetizer ) Grilled barbeque chicken
Pasta with sauce

Cabin 2

Mon Cabin 3 planning for 5:30 PM so we can get an evening of walleye fishing
Spaghetti /Meat balls
Garlic Toast
Salad TBD
Tue Cabin 6 TBD
Wed Cabin 7 TBD
Thr Cabin 8 Fish (camp) cheesy potatos (Vaughn&Loren) green beans,canned? (Vaughn&Loren)
cobbler (Matt)
Pasta Salad (Vaughn&Loren)
Fri CIFC Fish Tacos - Black Bean & Rice Salad, Baked Potatoes.

Please realize that each cabin is buying food, preparing, and cleaning up. There will be staples provided by the group like butter, oil, salt, pepper, plates, forks, etc. You'll need to keep your food cold until you are ready to cook, and then take leftovers back to your cabin afterwards.

We will provide in camp:

Plates, Bowls and Utensils for all the meals
Paper towels and wipe clothes for all cabins
Sponges for all cabins
Coffee cups and red plastic cups including markers
Extra TP ( just in case )
Zip lock bags gallon size for fish and left overs
Foil for cooking and keeping food warm
SOS pads for all cabins
Dish detergent  and Hand soap for all cabins
Foil pans for cooking and serving
Trash bags

Oil for frying
Breading (if you have a favorite bring it)
Season salt plus salt and pepper
Chips salsa and cheese for snacks
Coffee for all cabins ( instant ) plus creamer and sweetener



Bear Lake Update - June

Time to start making a few plans for our trek into Canada. I need to know the travel arrangements. Who will be in Flint? Who will meet us in Gaylord? Who will meet us at the Antlers? Who will meet us at the dock on Saturday morning? I also need to know who is available to drive; fewer vehicles would be prudent. A quick calculation with four to a vehicle and 18 miles per gallon will cost each of us about $18 more than last year. ( not too bad ) I have made reservations at Goodmans for ten rooms but Scott and Nick are driving up Friday night and will not need a room. I can probably get the room on the end which has three beds so we can handle an uneven number. I will cancel a couple of rooms when I am sure we know everyone's travel plans.

After we settle the travel plans, I will follow with some assignments for supplies.


Bear Lake Newsletter

Bill's 2007-2008 Newsletter

David's 2008 New Year Newsletter


Travel Plans

4 - Vaughn2, Vaughn3, Loren, and passenger TBD from GR on Friday. Maybe Jack?

Bob Davie will meet us at the Antlers.

Jim Hanson will meet us in Flint, and ride with Davie at the Soo.


2008 Fishing Regs


Non-resident fishing License

licences are available through the mail by calling the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. All fees include GST.

Annual Sport Fishing License - 65.77
Eight Day Sport Fishing License - 42.22
Eight Day Conservation Fishing License - 24.55

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