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July 27 to August 4


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Last Minute Info

I added the Meebo widget on the left so you could jump in and chat with me (canoecoach) when I am online. Feel free to try it out when it shows I am online. Otherwise, use it to leave a message for me.

I am sending out an email to explain some the finances for the trip. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

20 Reserved Fishermen for 2007

Mike Goodrich John Meyer
Bob Davie Jim Hanson
Dave Borchelt Scott Borchelt
  Matt Brown Jon VanderWerff (R)
Jim Perrine Vaughn McDaniel
Matt Hash Jim McAllister
Mark Kochis Nick Kline
Jack Harding Jim Willman
Garland Hutto James Hutto
Dameon Hutto Jake Briggs (R)
Out Tom Kline Out Matt Kline
Out Brian Kline Out Larry Clark
Out Charlie Hall Out Jim Starrs
Out Chris Sealy Out Bob Taylor

Bear Lake June Newsletter

Hello Bear Lake Fishermen,

We are close to our 2007 adventure and it is time to start planning our logistics. We depart on July 27th at 9:00 AM (hopefully) from Dorothy's home, 6101 Steeplechase, Grand Blanc, MI. Home# (810) 603-xxxx.

If you are taking M-23 north you will exit before merging onto I-75. If you are taking I-75 north, you will need to take the 475 loop around Flint. The Hill Road exit comes quickly after turning north on 475.

I suspect the contingent from the West side of the state will meet us at Goodrich's or the Antlers for an early dinner. We should be able to cross the border by 6:00 PM. Bring your passport or birth certificate to cross the border. I have reserved ten rooms at Goodmans. If the young men in the group plan to drive through the night or plan to cross over to the island early please let me know so I can cancel rooms.

[Scott's Note: I think 7 of us are planning on heading in early for an extra Friday at CIFC. I still need to confirm with the other boys.]

I plan to buy the food with Peggy's help( suggestions are welcome ); if you would like to do something special for an evening let me know and I can back off a dinner. Mike will bring enough food for two breakfasts for the group; you need to bring whatever else you chose for breakfast. Experience has taught us that most mornings people grab a breakfast bar and hit the lake. As usual, bring your own lunch.

[Scott's Note: To help mix up the fish dinner's a bit, we are going to sign up cooks to team up and make their own fish breading. Let us know if you want to cook with someone and pack your own spiced fish breading. If now, we'll be eating the same old fish every night.]

Fish Dinner 1 Fish Dinner 2 Fish Dinner 3 Fish Dinner 4
Vaughn & Mike   Mike & Dave McAllister & Hash

To avoid scrambling to sort the cases of beer, I would suggest each vehicle make arrangement to have one case per person. We will put the extra cases in one vehicle; Scott has a trailer and we will use it to carry some of the supplies. We will need volunteers for drivers. This will be the largest contingent ever and will require some extra coordination. I would suggest we have signup sheets for the kitchen duties and for the lakes. We might even want to schedule the first two days during our trip north. The challenge of our numbers will be offset by the camaraderie.

[Scott's Note: I'll take all the extra beer over the border with me in one vehicle - brought up by Nick or maybe McAllister from OH/IN.]

The back lakes have not seen much action the last several years so we can anticipate some very good fishing. The CIFC openers saw that Lower Cranberry was lower than ever - the dam busted out again with the spring melt. Right now it looks like a walk around. We will make sure each cabin as a flat of crawlers. I have not yet figured out something novel to make Jim Perrine groan but I will.

I am looking forward to seeing the group, skimming across the lake, and feeling the tug on the other end of the line. Send myself or Scott a note with any questions or just to confirm that you have received our communications

Wishing you tight lines and firm hook ups

[Scott's Note: Please do the following

  • Check out the t-shirts below and order 1 in time for the trip.
  • Send an email to David to vollunteer to drive - we still need some vehicles headed north.
  • Please review the To Do and Assignments - I've already assigned some. If your name is not on the list, send me an email volunteering for one of the empty slots.
  • Check out the money page and prepare to settle up at camp. If you need the link to the money page, let me know.
  • Find a partner and sign-up for the fish cooking contest - reply with your name and day#
  • Try and contain your excitement so to be bearable to people around you.

David and Scott

Bear Lake 2007 t-shirts

I have created three t-shirts for your consideration this year. See them here: These t-shirts can take up to 2 weeks to process and receive. Please order them early so they arrive in time for the trip.

Bear Lake To Do List & Assignments

This year we are going to divvy up the work, so please volunteer for one or more.

Task Volunteer
Knife sharpening JimM
Reserve Rooms at Goodman's and confirm before our arrival. DavidB
Order crawlers from Bill Drane for each cabin. ScottB
Buy camp beer in OH or IN and deliver to Bear Lake. Nick & JimM
Manage the Kitty. MikeG
Design/Order t-shirts and/or hats. ScottB
Buy camp food & cabin supplies. DavidB
Manage boat keys & daily lake assignments. Vaughn
Buy two camp breakfasts. MikeG

Manage beer keg order and cooling.

Cook cabin setup on arrival. ScottB, Jake, Jon
Keep cabin 2 stocked with cold arrival beer. MattB, MattH
Run euchre tournament. JackH
Initiate the rookies.


Keep fish fillets cold, ordered by age, at the cook cabin. Jake
Develop cooking and cleaning assignments. ScottB
Cook cabin cleanup on departure. JimM
Track big fish catches for later reward payout. Jake
Manage cook cabin porch coolers to keep group food cold. Jon


Travel Plans

Thursday PM from Grand Blanc 7 NickK, Jake, MattH, MattB, JimM, JonV, ScottB
Friday AM from Grand Blanc 8 DaveB, JimS, GarlandH, JamesH, DameonH, MarkK, JimH, JohnM
Friday PM from Gaylord 4 JimP, VaughnM, MikeG, JackH
Friday PM at the Soo 1 BobD


Cabin Assignments

2 MattH, JimM, MattB
3 JimP, MikeG, JimW, VaughnM
6 DaveB, JackH, MarkK
7 JimH, BobD, JohnM
8 ScottB, JonV, JakeB
CIFC GarlandH, JamesH, DameonH


Dinner Forecast

Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri
BBQ Chix Lasagna Fish #1 Fish #2 Garland Fish#3 Fish#4
Crazy 8



Purchase your license by phone






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