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Bear Lake 2006    July 21 - July 29

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Latest additions : Jeff Mundey and the Bear Lake Mad Dogs

Big fish caught this year

2006 Pike Scott Borchelt 32.5 Howry Bear Lake Winner - OFAH
2006 Pike Matt Kline 31.5 Howry OFAH
2006 Pike Matt Brown 30.5 Howry OFAH
2006 Pike Matt Kline 30.5 Billy OFAH
2006 Largemough Mike Goodrich 18.5 Cat Lake OFAH
2006 Largemouth Dave Borchelt 20.5 Billy Bear Lake Winner - OFAH
2006 Smallmouth Mike Goodrich 18.0 Bear Lake OFAH
2006 Smallmouth Bob Taylor 18.0 ??? OFAH
2006 Smallmouth Mike Goodrich 17.0 Basson OFAH
2006 Smallmouth Winner? ? ? Bear Lake Winner - OFAH
2006 Perch Nick Kline 13.0 Burntcabin OFAH
2006 Walleye Dennis 29.0 Bear Lake Bear Lake Winner - OFAH

Jeff Mundey Fishing Report from Bear - September

Here are a few additional pics from our Sep 9-16, 2006 trip.  The 3 walleyes in the dock shot and held by Wayne and I measured 27, 26 and 26 inches and weighed 6 lbs 7 oz, 6 lbs 4 oz and 5 lbs 10 oz.  All together we caught 15 walleyes for the week - our best ever.  The smallmouth were both 20 inches and weighed 4 lbs 1 oz.  The cow moose was located on the trail up and out of Lower Cranberry (aka Cranberry Bog) just before you come to the top of the ridge.  We were on our way to Billy.


Reserved Fishermen for 2006

Mark Kochis Larry Clark
Matthew Hash (Rookie) Jim McAllister (Rookie)
Scott Borchelt David Borchelt
Jim Willman Jim Perrine
Mike Goodrich Jack Harding
Vaughn McDaniel II Matt Kline
Nick Kline Matt Brown (Rookie)
Bob Taylor Charlie Hall
  Denny ?    
  Garland Hutto - Out   Brian Kline - Out
  Tom Kline - Out   Charlie Hall - Out
  Jim Hanson - Out Bob Bonham (Rookie)









Bear Lake To Do List & Assignments

This year we are going to divy up the work, so please volunteer for one or more.

Task Volunteer
Reserve Rooms at Goodman's and confirm before our arrival. ScottB
Order crawlers from Bill Drane for each cabin. ScottB
Buy camp beer in OH or IN and deliver to Bear Lake. MattK
Manage the Kitty. MattK
Design/Order t-shirts and/or hats. LarryC
Buy camp food & cabin supplies. DavidB
Manage boat keys & daily lake assignments. Rookie?
Buy two camp breakfasts. MikeG

Manage beer keg order and cooling.

Cook cabin setup on arrival.  
Keep cabin 2 stocked with cold arrival beer. JimP
Run euchre tournament. JackH
Initiate the rookies.


Plan Hotdog island party for us and the neighbors. NickK
Keep fish fillets cold, ordered by age, at the cook cabin. MattH
Develop cooking and cleaning assignments. ScottB
Cook cabin cleanup on departure. JimP, JimW, x, x
Track big fish catches for later reward payout. Rookie?
Manage cook cabin porch coolers to keep group food cold. MattH

Travel Plans

MattK & NickK Spending the week before at CIFC so they will be on Bear for two entire weeks - Dirty Dogs - picking up the Scott and the three rookies on Friday morning.
MattH & JimM, ScottB & MattB Heading up on Thursday night to arrive early at Bear Lake on Friday AM. Spending the night at Sandy Beach to catch an extra day 1/2 on Bear.
MarkK, LarryC, DaveB, JimP, CharlieH, and BobT Meeting in Flint and driving to Espanola early Friday morning.
JimW, Vaughn, MikeG, JackH Waiting in Gaylord for the Friday drivers above to arrive before joining them for the drive to Espanola.

Cabin Assignments

2 JimP, MikeG, JimW, VaughnM
3 MattK, NickK, MarkK,
6 ScottB, DaveB, JackH
7 LarryC, BobT, CharlieH
8 MattB, MattH, JimM

For discussion purposes and planning only. Here is how I assign.

1) Veterans get first choice.
2) Keep groups together.
3) Freshest Bear Lakers assigned to 8.


Bear Laker 2006 January Newsletter

Bear Lake Wilderness Camp 2005 Newsletter

Purchase your license by phone I ordered mine on January 24th. They said it would take 3 to 5 weeks before the license arrived. Very easy.

Non-res fishing license options

FISH ID info


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