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Bear Lake 2005 - July 22 Friday - 30 Saturday
By now they are expecting us.

2005 Pictures | ScottB Album 1 | ScottB Album 2 | LarryC

This year's FIRST project is to commit 18 fisherman for the next great Canadian adventure.

David Borchelt Scott Borchelt
Matt Kline Jim Willman
Jim Perrine Nick Kline
Vaughn McDaniel II Ed Resh
Larry Clark Mike Goodrich
Kyle Resh Brian Kline
Bob Davie Jim Starrs
Bob Taylor Charlie Hall
Tom Kline    
  Garland Hutto   Jim Hanson
  Jack Harding   Mark Kochis
  Matt Hash   Matt Brown









Travel Plans

Matt, Brian, & Nick Kline Meeting us in Flint or catching up to us on the way to Gaylord on Friday morning.
TomK, Ed, & Kyle Resh Flying in from Texas to Sudbury on Friday afternoon. They will stay at CIFC on Friday, and fish Saturday while we arrive at BLWC.
Bob Davie Meeting us at Antlers on Friday afternoon.
DaveB, JimP, LarryC, CharlieH, JimS, & BobT Meeting in Flint on Friday morning.
JimW & VaughnM Driving from Grand Rapids to Gaylord on Friday morning.
Mike Goodrich Picking up Mike, JimW, VaughnM in Gaylord on Friday afternoon.
ScottB Heading up through Lansing to haul a boat for Bill

Goodman Hotel : 7 Rooms Reserved

Proposed Cabin Assignments

2 JimP, MikeG, JimW, VaughnM
3 MattK, BrianK, NickK, TomK
6 ScottB, DaveB, MattH,
7 EdR, KyleR, BobT, LarryC
8 BobD, CharlieH, JimS

For discussion purposes and planning only. Here is how I assign.

1) Veterans get first choice.
2) Keep groups together.
3) Freshest Bear Lakers assigned to 8.

Google satellite map of Bear Lake

Climate change undermines recovering lakes - from Environmental Science & Technology

Global climate change is altering the thermal structure and productivity of lakes recovering from acid rain, according to researchers studying lakes in the southern boreal forest of Ontario, Canada. Impacted by climate change and additional stressors, such as calcium depletion and invasive species, the lakes may not all return to their original biological condition, says Bill Keller, a limnologist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

Bear Lake Summer Newsletter - Download

Bear Lake Winter Newsletter

Bear Lake Fishermen & Friends

My fishing catalogs are filling the mailbox, so it must be time to start organizing our next adventure. I hope to have our commitments by the end of March; however, the first eighteen will have their spots guaranteed. Our group kept the same rate by promising Bill to bring eighteen fishermen. We will be able to offer everyone their own bedroom by taking advantage of the cottage on Cat Island . The cottage can comfortably sleep three in their own bedroom. Bob Taylor would probably appreciate the accommodations as well as Matt's company. This might also be a good location for Garland to hang out. This group will have lots of fun organizing the crossings at Lower Cranberry, High Lake , and Van Winkle before separating to fish the other lakes.

Hopefully this year we will once again enjoy the company of Jack Harding, Bob Taylor, Mark Kochis, and John Sealy, who were not able to make the trip in 04. We also hope Dave Morrison's sons will be able to join us. The group will meet at Dorothy's home and head North on Friday, July 22 nd and pick Mike up in Gaylord prior to making our traditional stop at the Antlers. We will be able to make arrangements for anyone who wants to be in the camp for part of the week.

I think Jack Harding should handle logistics for the keg and once again supervise the euchre tournament. Of course it will be Vaughn's job to test the keg and manage the distribution. Jim Perrine should be aware that I am considering buying a very unique but worthless piece of fishing equipment just to make certain I have something not in his tackle box. I also purchased a new net for Scott because he wore his out netting my fish. I think Mike will spend a little more time on the other end of Round Otter because the biggest large mouth and pike were caught within ten yards of each other.

I will be collecting a two hundred dollar deposit for the trip, if you need to cancel this would be refundable provided we have our maximum number of fishermen. Send me an email or simply put your check in the mail. This has and continues to be a great trip with some truly terrific companions; I am looking forward to our next adventure.

Wishing you tight lines and firm hook ups,

4336 Fox Creek Drive
Marietta GA 30062

My 2005 Tackle Guide has arrived and in the spirit of fair play I will list a few of the more appealing entries into the crowded world of fishing lures.


This lure features a hard plastic body with rattles and soft bungee legs. Each time you twitch the lure the legs extend and return to their normal position. Bob should love this lure.

Top Secret No Pics Available


Rick Clunn has been keeping this bait a secret. This hand crafted lure can be pulled through the weeds or retrieved just below the surface. Small-mouth bass have been known to come from twenty feet below the surface to hit this lure.



This lure will make you a tube fisherman; it is ribbed to create bubbles and has a double skirt.



Tight wiggling suspended bait that reaches a depth of 4 feet and has standard red hooks.



Newest bait from Rapala promises to live up to the brand's reputation. This lure has an attitude and moves through the water darting from side to side and can be cast further and gets into the strike faster than most other lures.


I just had to include this lure. This weed-less lure walks from side to side.

These lures should wet your appetite; if not, buy some more jig heads.

 2005 Fishing Regulations

7-day non-resident fishing license - $40 CAN. 1-800-667-1940


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