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Mike Goodrich Jim Perrine
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15 fishermen attend Bear Lake in 2004

Tom Kline's Photo Album
Scott's Photo Album #1 #2
2004 Pre-trip Planning Page
Burntcabin Donations
Reminders for 2005
Closing Thoughts
Bear Lake 2005

Burntcabin Donations - Each year I quietly accept donations to help support for the fishermen at Bear Lake. I also request support from the other two divisions of burntcabin, Whistling Trout Society and Camp, Canoe, & Brew. The Bear Lake fishermen have always been very generous in their support. This year, a few fishermen have supported until 2005. Thank You goes to Tom Kline, Brian Kline, and Jim Perrine.

Reminders for 2005 - I think this year's trip ran the smoothest in recent memory. We have been recording "Lessons Learned" for a few years now and dilligently trying to execute them the following year. Our formula for this Canadian adventure is maturing well. Here are a few notes for next year:

  • Leftover supplies are stored on Cat Island - NOT JimP's. Inentory in the spring.
  • Bring more cheap beer from OH/IL and pay duty on it. Make sure its ALL in one vehicle that is easy to search - not trailers. Duty will cost $7/case.
  • Purchase more ice/block in Espanola before coming to the island.

Closing Thoughts - I'd like to thank all of you...more to come.

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